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Explore and Create Views and Indexing for Couchbase Server 3.0

In this video explore the power of creating views and indexes in Couchbase Server 3.0. Learn the underlying view architecture for how views and indexes are built in Couchbase 3.0.


SQL to NoSQL : Copy your data from MySQL to Couchbase

Click to Read: During my last interactions with the Couchbase community, I had the question how can I easily import my data from my current database into Couchbase. 7 more words


Process Couchbase json output with jq

Using jq, we can work with the json output of Couchbase more conveniently.

For example, we have json output from couchbase shown below

$ curl -s -u Administrator:password… 344 more words

Pro Couchbase Server - Chapter 1, 2

  • CAP理论(布鲁尔定律):在分布式系统中下面三条不能同时满足
    • 一致性(Consistency): 系统中所有的组建看到的都是同样的数据
    • 可用性(Availability): 所有的访问都能得到一个答复,无论是成功还是失败
    • 网络分区容错性(Partition Tolerance): 以实际效果而言,分区相当于对通信的时限要求。系统如果不能在时限内达成数据一致性,就意味着发生了分区的情况,必须就当前操作在C和A之间做出选择
  • 传统的数据库提供CAP里的C和A,实现水平扩展很难。提升硬件叫做垂直扩展。不同的NoSQL产品提供了不同的组合CA/AP/CP.
  • 一些数据库提供一致性的弱化版本最终一致性(eventual consistency)
  • CB提供集群级别的一致性,通过复制提供很好的网络分区容错性
    • vBucket是一个逻辑分区也叫shard
    • cross-datacenter replication (XDCR)
    • extensive integrated caching layer
  • caching layer用membase, persistent layer用CouchDB…
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9 Tickets REMAINING: Couchbase Mobile Developer Workshop

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Our first London developer workshop dedicated to Couchbase Mobile!

Join the Couchbase Developer Advocacy team for a full day of hands-on workshop training in Couchbase Mobile, the NoSQL database for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 76 more words


Under the Covers: Couchbase Server Architecture

Come see behind the kimono and attend this grand, technical tour of the Couchbase system architecture. From the factory floor of the famous ep-engine and presidential voting booths & clockwork of the cluster manager, from the queues of persistence & replication to the dance steps and handoffs of Rebalance & view index maintenance, this is your chance to zoom down a few layers. 12 more words


Couchbase .NET SDK 1.3.10 Now Available!

This is bug fix and maintenance release for the 1.3.X version of the Couchbase .NET Client. It contains a number of bug fixes and a performance enhancement specific to add/remove node and rebalance scenarios. 22 more words