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Import & Export Data with the Couchbase Hadoop Sqoop Plugin

Integrating with Hadoop: Import & Export Data with the Couchbase Hadoop Sqoop Plugin on Couchbase Connect 2014

Learn how to design and implement big data solutions with document databases, Apache Hadoop, and more. 57 more words


Building Mobile Apps That Work Online & Offline with Couchbase

Xamarin and Couchbase have jointly developed Couchbase Lite for .NET — a NoSQL database optimized for mobile. Let Wayne Carter and Zack Gramana show you how its low-friction document datastore, powerful MapReduce queries, and drop-dead simple synchronization combine to help you build awesome apps faster and easier! 25 more words


Couchbase Server - Integrating ElasticSearch for Real Time Analytics with Kibana

The Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) feature in Couchbase Server lets us synchronize data between different database clusters. One of the most interesting uses of XDCR is replicating data from Couchbase to ElasticSearch in near real-time. 110 more words


How-To NoSQL 3.0 Webinar Series

How-To NoSQL 3.0 Webinar Series


In this How-To NoSQL webinar, learn about Couchbase’s Core Architecture and extreme database performance.

Todd will take you through strong consistency, durability performance at scale and concepts such as basic administration, monitoring and setup. 32 more words


Redis vs Couchbase

Recently in my project, we experienced latency issues which required us to introduce a caching layer in our architecture. I evaluated Couchbase & Redis as potential technology choices and have decided to go with Redis as it nicely fits our data & computation model. 798 more words


Couchbase install/Kurulumu

Mac os Couchbase kurulumu için couchbase 3.0 indirilir ve çalıştırılır ardından http://localhost:8091/index.html’e gidilerek kurulum işlemleri tamamlanır.


Couchbase replaces its storage engine with homegrown ForestDB

NoSQL vendor Couchbase has built a data store called ForestDB that will underpin future versions of the company’s database offerings, and the company says it’s faster than the Google-built… 510 more words