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Cougar Town (s.05)

4. Looks like they finally became what they tended to – a weird soap opera with claims to be amusing, instead of just being a comedy show. 142 more words


Tippi Hedren

Astute, long-time readers of this blog may know that I have taken a liking to the show Cougar Town, which sounds about as far from the viewing habits of a 20-something male as possible. 585 more words

Cougar Town (s.04)

3. Now it begins to irritate more than to amuse. The insularity of the internal universe plays a spitefull trick on the quality of the stories – they become more and more empty, sometimes really stupid – clearly there’s not enough fuel to keep it going on the same level. 162 more words


Cougar Town (s.03)

0. I think, it would be hard to find a show with less connection to the reality. I mean, every comedy show (at least, every good one) creates its very own, self-centered, exclusive universe, but the degree of its alienation from the real world can be different. 367 more words


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In recent years, showrunners have become more and more visible to television viewers. Where we once based our interest (or lack thereof) in a show on the actors, premise, or network, we now often pay more attention to the creator behind it — for better or for worse. 1,470 more words