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Tippi Hedren

Astute, long-time readers of this blog may know that I have taken a liking to the show Cougar Town, which sounds about as far from the viewing habits of a 20-something male as possible. 585 more words

Cougar Town (s.04)

3. Now it begins to irritate more than to amuse. The insularity of the internal universe plays a spitefull trick on the quality of the stories – they become more and more empty, sometimes really stupid – clearly there’s not enough fuel to keep it going on the same level. 162 more words


Cougar Town (s.03)

0. I think, it would be hard to find a show with less connection to the reality. I mean, every comedy show (at least, every good one) creates its very own, self-centered, exclusive universe, but the degree of its alienation from the real world can be different. 367 more words


Flavorwire's Guide to TV Showrunners: 'Scrubs' and 'Clone High' Creator Bill Lawrence

In recent years, showrunners have become more and more visible to television viewers. Where we once based our interest (or lack thereof) in a show on the actors, premise, or network, we now often pay more attention to the creator behind it — for better or for worse. 1,470 more words


Courteney Cox Takes Role In Cougar Town To A Whole New Level! She's Engaged!!!

Courteney Cox  will be living out her role in “Cougar Town” in her day to day life  because last night she tweeted out that she is engaged! 49 more words