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An Islamic ‘Council of Nicea’

by Joe Herring and Dr. Mark Christian

Christianity and Judaism have a great deal in common, not the least of which is compassion for their fellow man and the institutional capacity to take the steps required to express that compassion in daily life. 389 more words


The Early Christian Definition of the Trinity

A friend of mine is very concerned about my position on the Trinity, despite the fact that I have proven that what I say is not only the view all the apostles’ churches, but also the definition confirmed in the Nicene Creed, formulated at the… 843 more words

Modern Doctrines

What is Arianism?

During the first few hundred years of the church, Christian doctrine became better defined largely as a result of combating heresy. When heresies (wrong beliefs about fundamental Christian doctrines) arose, church leaders responded by formulating statements explaining true biblical doctrine. 412 more words

Church History