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Deeper Waters Podcast 8/23/2014: How To Form Your Canon with Lee McDonald

What’s coming up on the Deeper Waters Podcast this Saturday? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Canon. It’s something a lot of Christians don’t think about. 656 more words

Nick Peters

The Trinity in History

I’m frustrated one more time by the ridiculous claim that the churches couldn’t decide on a proper description of the Trinity until the Council of Nicea… 1,558 more words

Modern Doctrines

A Brief Thought on Religion

We were given free will and a brain for a reason, to form our own opinions and make up our own minds. In today’s world this can be a challenge, I don’t typically like to talk about religion because it can be such a touchy subject and also because I am not trying the convert the masses to my particular point of view.   730 more words


Become a heretic for a while

Heresy serves a purpose. Thats right, I said heresy serves a purpose. Now before you think that I have slipped and fallen in the shower hear me out. 399 more words

False Doctrine