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15 Life Lessons you need to learn

By David Joel Miller

What life lessons do you still need to learn?

There are certain life lessons you will need to learn soon or later. 1,116 more words


Living With "The Face"

I was talking with some friends of mine who have what we humorously called, “The Face”. “The Face” is how we described that intangible thing about a person that evidently invites people, sometimes friends, and sometimes people you don’t even know, to open up and begin telling you their stuff.   1,480 more words


The Quiet Space

I had my first counseling session this afternoon. I sat down with her and basically said, look, I’ve been through ten years of counseling. I feel like I should be able to counsel myself at this point. 1,106 more words



The focus of this blog will be on helping teenage clients and their family know what to expect from counseling, how counseling works, and how it can be helpful. 156 more words


Parents Worksheet

Pay for the behavior you want:

My response to __________ throwing a fit is ____________________________.

I feel ___________________ when she _______________________.

3 behaviors that get on my nerves the most are ___________________, _____________________ and ___________________. 58 more words


Relentless Replay

Loss is powerful. Whether the loss is the loss of a lifestyle. Or maybe it is a spouse or a child or an aunt or a grandfather. 1,193 more words