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You don’t need a college education to influence your child straight from the mother’s womb.
It is written in a very simple way to make it easy to read and implement. 9 more words


Level-Up: Part 47

I tend to know what I’m going to write about here before I get to Sunday. Every week has a theme or an event where I’ve learnt something, good or bad, and presents itself as the obvious topic of this post. 1,194 more words

Balance Disorder

Digging Deep for Answers/The Force Was Strong

I’ve taken this opportunity to name my blog like one of those quirky musicians might, with two names. Why they smash two songs together like that might be beyond my comprehension but this blog post works along the same lines just minus a lot of the creativity. 625 more words


Branding counselling psychologists!

Medics often brand themselves as illness specialists: we suffer because we’re ill; a bit of us is broken, we’ll fix that by cutting something off or adding a pill; if you’re lucky, you’ll be cured. 521 more words


ANZAC Day 2007

Anzac Day 2007


In those darkest, stillest moments before the dawn

We lined up, my child fresh in her school uniform

To earn another stripe – her third cotton medal… 245 more words

Dee Jones




I listened to you.


Childhood memories flowed:

Your mother cuddling you at night,

Whispering tenderly in your ear

That one day, she will kill you. 109 more words

Dee Jones



At the end of Shrek

          they searched for Hallelujah on You Tube:

          a series of discoveries clicked and clicked.

He and I danced to The Lion King… 227 more words

Dee Jones