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Fix the Broken.

What is the present tense for being heartbroken? I am heartbroken, but that would suggest it gets better every day. There is the lowest point, but then your heart slowly mends over time. 1,584 more words

Resource: Forget Cover Letters - Write a pain letter, instead!

“Every organization has pain! When you begin your Pain Letter congratulating your target hiring manager on something cool the organization has done recently (an item you found in the company’s About Us or Newsroom page) and then make a hypothesis about the most likely Business Pain for your manager, you’re in a great spot. 63 more words

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Trends: 10 Future Trends in College Career Services

“Today, all signs point to an integrated model of customized connections and communities that extends the responsibility of college employability beyond the walls of career centers, which typically exist on the periphery of the campus community, to an ecosystem that fully engages the entire university network of students, alumni, faculty, employers, families, and surrounding communities. 9 more words

Career Counselling

The Closing of Openings; the Removal of Sutchers

Life is a constantly expanding and inflating series of openings and closings and we cannot begin to be able to predict the possible turning of events, gestation of ideas or escape of realities (concepts put into practice) as they unfold. 792 more words


Oh, So THAT'S Why I Struggle Asking For Help...

So it’s been a week or so since my last update. How have I been? Well, I had my first bad counselling appointment this week, uh oh… 2,662 more words



Worry is like weed in your garden. You don’t invite it, neither do you like it. The fact that you don’t like it does not make it stop coming into your garden. 224 more words


Outsmart Road Rage

Incidences of road rage become more prevalent in the UK. Many people found guilty of such offenses, often face a custodial sentence or in some extreme cases end up in prison. 650 more words