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10 tips on how to deal with with Christmas emotions

10 tips on how to deal with Christmas emotions

Depression is a common illness. It will affect one in five people during their lifetime. Feelings of hopelessness, tiredness, low self-esteem, sleeping problems and physical aches and pains are just some of the symptoms associated with depression. 1,153 more words


Has Social Media become Social Counselling?

At 23, I am a social media¬†user typical of my demographic, and I enjoy the craic and interaction that comes with it. I mean God only knows where I’d be without it for college, all my info comes from our class page….Not a great reflection of a masters student perhaps! 474 more words


Update; I'm Alive!

Hello lovely people!

I am so so sorry I haven’t posted for over a month, I’ve been incredibly busy and then I got a new phone and got logged out of WordPress and forgot my password… And I’ve finally accessed it now. 819 more words

Going Through The Motions

Hello again bloggers! I apologise for not posting recently, been busy with work and music commitments as well as trying to stay somewhat sane. (Ask my close friends and family if you want to know the result of that!) 774 more words


Baring All

It’s the strangest thing recounting everything to a complete stranger. You give them your assumed trust because of their profession, because of their ‘experience’ and just because, for once, maybe you just want to. 254 more words