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Top Ten Travel Bucket List. Day Two- Palau and Amsterdam

Yesterday I kicked off my week long Travel Bucket List series with an intro telling you what you can expect for the next week and a look at London, United Kingdom as my #10 destination. 1,391 more words


WAR 25, Part IX: The 25 Best MLB Position Players of the 1950′s

I’ve decided to start ranking the best MLB players per decade, using their WAR number. I figured I’d compile all this in an ongoing series, as I couldn’t find anywhere online that ranked players by WAR by decade. 252 more words


Detour OVER!

After another minor detour. I am definitely getting back on track!

Was over approximately 150 cals over goal today, but considering how I’ve been doing and the fact that I’m logging again, I’m reasonably happy with that. 119 more words

COUNTDOWN: Top 5 Star Trek Bad Guy Ships

As I have said previously Star Trek is more about ideas than action. It’s why J.J. Abrams always said he never got Star Trek because it was “too cerebral” for him. 600 more words

Star Trek

373 days to go

10.59am Another short night for me. Not complaining, I feel happy today. And it can only get better.
I just remembered that I forgot to get an Internet connexion for the new house and I’m afraid I won’t have it in time and I really don’t want to stay at the man’s house longer than 1 week. 636 more words


There's something about travelling... and counting down.

So it’s been a while since I last blogged anything on my blogsite, 195 days to be exact.

And in exactly 6 days I’ll be on a flight on my next big adventure. 444 more words


Top 20 Villains of the 1960's Batman Show

As a child, the 1960’s ‘Batman’ show was one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. It had great competition with ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, ‘Doctor Who’ (the Tom Baker era), ‘G.I. 292 more words