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The Just Cause

Even in the darkness of revolutionary terror and enslavement, White Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) believed in the sacred mission of his people, one to be achieved through suffering and repentance, spiritual strength and discipline. 1,716 more words


Fatima Prophecies, Russia, Vladimir Putin.... you know....


There are a number of apocalyptic warnings running through social media these days which are driven by the recent events in Russia and Ukraine. Even before the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, was raising eyebrows in the West with his aggressive and forthright condemnations of Western culture. 915 more words


A Warning on Nationalism

Three years ago I met Oleg Kalugin, the ex-KGB general whose well-known case of defection earned him the ire of the Russian authorities. In an interview, Kalugin once stated his belief that Vladimir Putin was “a temporary twist in history”, and perhaps this belief is why he found so much support among his American associates. 1,826 more words


Venezuela: Fight fascism in the street

Caracas 10 March 2014 , Tribuna Popular

Political and social organizations that promote the Venezuelan revolutionary process , must fight the fascist squads and prevent their hijacking of the the street corners and streets of the people. 801 more words


Franklin Lamb: Introducing the Syria Resistance (PFLI) and it's Leader

ED NOTE: Thanks to our friend Dr. Franklin Lamb for introducing the Syrian resistance and its Leader Ali Kayali fighting in all fronts, shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian Arab Army,  the takfirs sponsored by the zionists world order and its tools Saudia, Qatar, Turkey and the So-called March 14 movement. 2,660 more words

War Crimes And Criminals

The Bear Roars Back

Even during a confrontation approaching catastrophic war, leave it to Secretary of State John Kerry to lighten the mood with a touch of comedy gold. Lashing Russia for its troop surge into Crimea as a response to the latest color revolution in Kiev, America’s top diplomat… 881 more words


A Prayer Before Decision

Philosopher Ivan Aleksandrovich Ilyin (1883-1954) was a young man when he saw his beloved country overrun by the forces of international Revolution. Before his 1922 exile, he was actively organizing resistance to Bolshevism in the White underground. 1,051 more words