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The World according to progtardia......

You can, according to the progtards of progtardia, blame all the World’s ills on two things. alGoreBullnonWarming-climatenonchaosnonhumanchangeableorRoveweathermachinable and the repuke party.

I almost feel sowwy for the repukes. 188 more words


The Republic & the Soul

One favored slogan among American conservatives and libertarians is that “the answer to 1984 is 1776.” Yet the Enlightenment political ideals of liberty and equality constructed today’s pleasure-dome police state; 1776 led directly to 1984. 2,114 more words


The Force of Authority

Popular Monarchy, the call for a traditional Russian state adapted to contemporary challenges, was an articulation of the ancient ideal of a just Christian realm by White emigre thinker… 1,410 more words


Our Future is Tradition

If there is one common theme to be found among the great minds of the East from the 19th and 20th centuries – men such as… 1,231 more words


Forged in War

The White émigré Ivan Solonevich (1891-1953), author of Popular Monarchy, saw firsthand how the “moderate” ideology of liberalism led to national collapse, revolution and tyranny in Russia in the aftermath of the First World War. 759 more words