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Knowledge Without Wisdom

Our emergent technocracy submerges us in a sea of knowledge.  Modern wonders reach their apex in the readily-available stores of data at anyone’s fingertips.  Given this seemingly magical commodity was heretofore unknown to vast swaths of now dead humanity, one would think man would jump at the opportunity to educate himself on any and every topic.   2,588 more words


And now the very first Hero of the Counter Revolution!

The very first Hero of the Counter Revolution Award goes to this man

He was a man before his time. He knew what would happen to his Country if the progtards had their way. 43 more words


On Power and Death

As expressed in this 1928 essay, Russia’s philosopher of national renewal Ivan Aleksandrovich Ilyin (1883-1954) understood well the nature of power and authority. Power, he saw, descended from God and due to the great weight of its responsibility shared close proximity with the other world, with death. 2,368 more words


The Arab Uprising: Results and Prospects

A panel discussion/book launch with Gilbert Achcar, Nadje al-Ali, Adam Hanieh, and Salwa Ismail to mark the publication of Gilbert Achcar’s The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising… 53 more words


On the American (pro-slavery) Revolution of 1776

This episode of the generally  fantastic “Against the Grain” Podcast concerns the real nature of the American Revolution.  Historian, Gerald Horne has written a new book titled, … 149 more words


What is Nationalism?

After the 1905 Revolution and consequent establishment of a Western-style parliamentary system in the Duma, the Orthodox monarchist Lev Tikhomirov (1852-1923) felt it necessary to respond to the growth in nationalist sentiment that had manifested with the rise of mass politics in Russia. 1,027 more words