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Loathing Humanity

your technological appendages
touch tap click zoom tune
stimuluminati, entertain
grossly engrossed
systematically enslaved
stagnant in a whirlwind
the eye of the storm… 326 more words


Boho, Gypsy, Hippie!

Today I found a treasure! As I was looking for roadtrip photos, to travel with my mind, I got lost into gypsy paths and I found these amazing trailers!! 114 more words


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More color from the trip ...

Neil Kramer : Glass Man


“Emotional maturity is a fantastic marker for higher attainment… Without a degree of self-mastery, you can not know anything of the higher order. You have to get your own self together – clean, strong, balanced – first. 132 more words


The Metamorph

     I had been doing various kinds of factual writing for many years when I finally wrote a fictional story that I felt was good enough to publish: … 1,295 more words

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When you organize the distribution of resources by culture, then you don’t have a way to protest the misdistribution of resources…. If cool is your criteria for organization, right?

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intoxication is security
a chronic higher state of unconsciousness
day after day
haze after haze
fog after fog
white speed brings numbness
shuts you off… 180 more words


The Bushwick Trailer Park Lives On! (Sort Of)

Urban Campers

The Bushwick Trailer Park Lives On! (Sort Of)

December 12, 2013

By Jesse Sposato

(Photo: Jesse Sposato)
No, that crow isn’t alive. (Photo: Jesse Sposato) 794 more words