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The young couples of the hippie generation vowed to skirt the conventions they saw trapping their parents and grandparents in passionless contracts. They were certain their marriages would be free and always full of romance. 222 more words


Looking for a high

How do we counter the stereotypical image of the hippie, in which everyone reclining around the bong was stoned out their heads and any dialogue resembled a bad Chech and Chong  or Firesign Theater LP? 1,878 more words


Cruel Story of Youth: Children of the Sun Tribe

The teens at the center of the action in Cruel Story of Youth have an awful lot of drama going on, but through it all, they have impeccable style. 97 more words

The Wrong Crowd

Men should not talk about going bald.


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best movies of the 60's

  1. Lawrence of Arabia – (1962, David Lean) (Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness)
  2. Psycho – (1960, Alfred Hitchcock) (Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh)
  3. Dr. Strangelove… – (1964, Stanley Kubrick) (Peter Sellers, George C.
  4. 1,191 more words

Chains of Imprisonment

The biblical narrative of St. Peter in Chains illustrates the oppression of goodness and righteous beliefs that contradict a ‘status quo’ and therefore a threat to those who profit from that circumstance and power. 76 more words