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Deleuze: Nietzsche is "the dawn of counterculture"

“Probably most of us fix the dawn of our modern culture in the trinity Nietzsche-Freud-Marx. And it is of little consequence that the world was unprepared for them in advance.  65 more words



After a longtime friend replied with some insightful candor, I was left reeling:

So I was griping about the newspaper back then, too? And those were the golden years, when we actually had a rim of copy editors, all working around the slot editor! 328 more words


Why I Gave Up Straight Edge

I’m a person just like you, but I’ve got better things to do… I’ve got the straight edge!

The origins of Straight Edge are clear.  The hardcore punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s was filled with drinking in excess, drug use, and promiscuity and some people in the scene just didn’t want to live that way.  1,293 more words

Biblical Living

Saturday hippie: Personal identity

How do see yourself back then – laid back, intense, activist, mystical? The range goes on a long while. For example, one friend denies actually being a hippie and insists instead, “I was more of a freak.” I demur. 95 more words



As I said at the time …

Late the other night, in the newsroom and between stories, something triggered one of those “whatever happened to …” modes and I thought of you (always fondly – you were a ray of light in an otherwise difficult summer). 707 more words


GuerrillaReads No. 88: Charles Degelman

Charles Degelman has been an antiwar activist, political theater artist, musician, communard, carpenter, hard-rock miner, and itinerant gypsy trucker, and eventually grew up to be a writer, editor, and educator living in Los Angeles. 73 more words


Two Facets of Today's Counterculture

It was incredible.

While I was crossing the street to the central library on campus this afternoon, I overheard the cry of a frustrated girl: “You can just do it with your phone now… Technology is taking over!” 918 more words