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As I’ve been delving into my files – in effect, digging through the boxes stored in the loft of the barn – I find myself amazed at the range and quality of my literary writing over the past four decades. 327 more words


Little touches that count

A single word said or a simple gesture exchanged sometimes makes a whale of a difference in what follows. Humorous and sexually explicit, my HIPPIE LOVE recasting of HIPPIE DRUM investigates what happens when “almost” becomes “yes.” As a heartbroken hippie-boy discovers on the road to recovery, each new lover becomes uniquely offbeat or whimsical in bed – or after. 40 more words


FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Art

Jason Stout’s painting, “The Patriot and the Rogue,” was selected for the 2nd annual multi-national 2014 FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Art.  The exhibit continues from October 15 to December 3, 2014, at the Reece Museum.   32 more words

Jason Stout

Hippie Thoughts

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The Countercultural Man

Posted by John Galloway

What does it mean to be a man? Is “manhood” a completely socially constructed notion or is it an objective concept? Is becoming a “man” according to society something that every male should strive for, or is it something we humans with a Y-chromosome should try to avoid? 944 more words


Tasting life fully

The wisdom according to Swami is down-to-earth and direct. She has little patience for holy posturing on the road to self-realization and transcendence. Her devoted students learn to keep their feet on the ground rather than their heads in the clouds, and their experiences instill smiles and twinkles even when their bodies ache from the exertion. 106 more words



When the college administration has clandestine plans to shut down a small dormitory, its residents rally to preserve their longstanding underground traditions. Little do they know the forces they’re engaging, especially as the hippie movement hits the campus. 156 more words