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Tasting life fully

The wisdom according to Swami is down-to-earth and direct. She has little patience for holy posturing on the road to self-realization and transcendence. Her devoted students learn to keep their feet on the ground rather than their heads in the clouds, and their experiences instill smiles and twinkles even when their bodies ache from the exertion. 106 more words



When the college administration has clandestine plans to shut down a small dormitory, its residents rally to preserve their longstanding underground traditions. Little do they know the forces they’re engaging, especially as the hippie movement hits the campus. 156 more words


Tony Funches update

I just had a wonderful lunch with Tony Funches and his kick ass editor, Melinda Greer. The interview I did back in 2005 with this bodyguard to the rock stars is by far my most popular. 779 more words

Jim Morrison


We’ve already looked at music and literature from the hippie era, but now I’m wondering about movies. Yes, there were some that played straight into the stereotypes. 105 more words


Free to ask

You can always ask What If. Suppose your answer had been different or you heard the question from another perspective or you knew what your options really were – and the door opened rather than shut in your face? 126 more words


Russell Brand or Johnny Rotten: Which Self-styled Countercultural Icon Should We Believe?!

It’s the Russell Brand or Johnny Rotten dilemma.  Which Self-styled Countercultural Icon Should We Believe?  Polly Tonbee opted for John Lydon while Jeremy Paxman seems to have… 599 more words

European Society