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My first Poetry Reading and Courage:The “C” In The Creative Personality

Anxiety And The Creative Personality:The Good, Bad And The Ugly

My very first poetry reading was at Saint Mark’s Church in N.Y.C I was nervous but it went alright. 881 more words


Lost in the transformation

Four decades after bursting onto the American scene, yoga is hot again – this time, shorn of its religious ambitions. In Ashram, we glimpse what’s been lost in the transformation. 185 more words


Zurück zum Paradies: Eine Gegenkultur / Gegen-Gehirn Revolution

Ich bin in den Sechzigerjahren von Italien nach den USA gezogen. Obwohl ich in Brasilien geboren bin, studierte ich in Italien in den Sechzigerjahren und ich bin davon nach den USA ausgewandert. 660 more words

Back To The Body

Hippie Doorway Beads Almost Killed Dad

It’s funny how the most radical, shocking, and rebellious fashion trends often end up being mainstreamed at some point.

Take tattoos, for instance.

Once the sole domain of sailors, criminals, and circus freaks, tattoos were adopted as a counterculture no-no by brash, insubordinate youth in the late 1960’s. 1,481 more words



For all of our talk of “going underground,” even at the height of the hippie explosion, few individuals actually vanished from sight into a warren of safe havens. 369 more words


Psychedelic Rock Music: The Anthem of the 1960s Youth Drug Counterculture

Throughout rock and roll history, the use of drugs by some of music’s most influential musicians has been a popular assumption. The 1960s was an era marked by the formation of a youth counterculture that has been represented by some of the decade’s most prevalent artists, many whom often openly publicized and celebrated the use of drugs including hallucinogens like LSD, or acid. 1,240 more words

Media Culture And Counterculture

Freedom, from counterculture to spectacle

Listening to transgressive Italian pop songs from the 1970s, the same songs that made the ‘counterculture’ mainstream, I am increasingly realising a rather daunting truth – well argued by French novelist Michelle Houellebecq in… 240 more words