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Even or Odd?

Another Montessori inspired idea, this time for math: matching counters to a numeral and arranging them in two groups to see if the number is even or odd. 41 more words

Modern Card of the Week: Gilder Bairn

Look at it. So innocuous, and yet this little guys is quite possibly the most under-appreciated creature in all of MTG. Hailing from the darkness of Shadowmoor, we have the most adorable looking Ouphe. 403 more words


Interior Design Kitchen Edition

The kitchen, it’s where family gathers, meals are made, and time is spent. Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, let’s make it the best room in the house. 22 more words

Interior Design

Kicboxing - Counters

One aspect of kickboxing that we neglect in club are counters and slips in the ‘boxing’ aspect. Here are some of the basic counters. Remember that these should be very small.


An encounter with a man behind a counter...

Hello. I would like an iced coffee with milk and sugar and an iced-

You want iced latte? Vanilla?

No. An iced coffee with milk. 111 more words