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Main Bathroom Ideas

There’s so much to do in the house still, and I feel like my head is swimming with ideas, but my wallet is light and my time is short, so not much is getting done right now. 435 more words

Moving In & Setting Up

10 Amazing Kitchen Islands and Counters That Steal the Show

The last decade has seen a revitalization of kitchen islands of sorts. Even those who thought that they just took up space are now turning towards smart islands both for practical and aesthetic reasons. 14 more words

Today In Short : #3 Impatience - Why Don't People Wait?!

Today I had some work at the bank. So, as soon as I got off from work I went to the near by bus station to reach there on time. 442 more words


Ex: Use Color Counter to Show Subtracting a Negative is the Same As Adding a Positive

This video provides an example of how to use color counters  to show subtracting a negative is equivalent to adding a positive.


On 'Gangnam Style' and the Number 2,147,483,647

Much to some people’s annoyance (including mine), we’ve just witnessed another supposedly historic (though largely trivial) moment for the Internet earlier this week. PSY’s viral “Gangnam Style” video shattered yet another YouTube barrier — the latest in a string of firsts throughout the song’s much-storied lifespan — and this time, it nearly broke the video-sharing site itself. 503 more words

32-bit Integer


This may be a bit early. It’s only just December, but I do make resolutions for the New Year. I make them throughout the New Year. 668 more words

The Kitchen: An Inexpensive Update

It’s often said that kitchens are what sell homes. HGTV is full of jaw-dropping kitchen renovations. Our kitchen was in dire need of an update, and it turned out to be my favorite room to brag about (even above… 531 more words