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The Power of Helping People and This Thankful Little Blogger

Hi! I guess its about time I say thanks, huh?  This little blogger (5 ft 1 inch tall) has more to be thankful for than in any years past.   529 more words


Yo Ho Ho and a Thankful Heart

Ahoy, me hearties!

Wow, have things been busy on the home front lately. We seem to be in a constant state of transition: three kids ready to launch, each with their own special set of goals and obstacles, and one who needs full-time supervision; a husband juggling a long commute with the challenges of working from home, while still paying all the bills and trying to get our house semi-ready for sale next spring; and me attempting to start a writing career (or something resembling one) while fielding publishing stuff, group home stuff, lingering sinus problems, social media requirements, and the inevitable bouts of teenage drama. 276 more words

Special Needs

When the Façade Crumbles

This is my story. This is my testimony.

I once was burried behind walls of faith FOR a God I believed in but perhaps didn’t fully trust. 137 more words


Falling In Love Everyday

You ever walk pass someone that smells like their entire being just came out of the clean laundry. You just knew they soaked themselves in Tide Ultra Fresh overnight and started the cycle the next morning. 447 more words

Pernisha Gaines

Promises Whispered

So this year’s theme at church is “Launch Out”. I first got the inkling of just what God was pulling me towards in terms of launching out several months ago, but it just seemed so unreal, so unlikely. 886 more words

The Changing Me

I am grateful


1) a mini-marathon of the latter part of S4 of Battlestar Galactica (playing in the background)
2) making a list of things I need to do so in an effort to reduce the stress of having to remember and getting overwhelmed from all that needs to be done… 56 more words