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The Duchess: The bird who lived. Again.

Ok, so big happenings with the bantams today. So it was a beautiful day here. Lucy and Disco were outside hanging out with the chickens. Cueball was out for a bit with her muzzle, but came back inside and sat on the porch some. 458 more words


You Can't See Me Part 4

We’ve had visitors the past several days – a flight of beautiful red dragonflies. They are hard to see as they zip around except for that brief moment the sun catches their deep red. 41 more words


road trippin memories ...

Well four full on days of Uni are done… World Voice Day is beginning to wind down… “Mr 50Something” has arrived in Wagga Wagga (down the road from Gumly Gumly) and its time for some road trippin….time to get out there and absorb real regional Australia. 306 more words

Chickens: Incremental Farmer and Country Life

“Hens are not known for their kind eyes.” – Quote from a wise colleague.

Good to know: This is not a piece of corporate branding… 145 more words

General Nonsense

#260 Dirty Cables

I’m amazed by the amount of junk that granddad collects and stores. You can hardly walk across the yard without stumbling on stuff. You can also never throw things away in the dustbin because granddad would retrieve them and keep them. 16 more words


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"The Sun Inside" (yesterday's poem) (mine).

The Sun Inside

Winter’s over, shake me out, wash me deep

for the first & final time, says the cheap

winter coat I bought for its greenness and for the love… 119 more words