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The Rocket

This film, available at the library, was Australia’s selection for the 2013 Oscars for Best Foreign Film which is odd in that it is entirely a Laotian based story. 151 more words

Country Of Origin

Le Démantèlement (The Auction)

This French Canadian film available at the library has won or was nominated for several film awards in Canada and internationally. It tells the story of a sixty plus year old sheep farmer (Gabriel Arcand) and his relationship with his two grown daughters who have moved away.  89 more words

Country Of Origin

Louis Cyr: L' Homme Le Plus Forte du Monde

This Quebec produced biopic tells the story of Canadian strongman Louis Cyr, whose career may not be familiar to everyone. As with most movies of this genre, a lot of details must be rushed through but overall I think the results were successful.There is a very patriotic feel to the plot as Cyr relentlessly pursues his ambition to become the world’s strongest man, along with the support of his devoted wife but alienated daughter. 36 more words

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Court rules against meat producers whining about detailed labels

I’m getting really tired of corporations trying to avoid regulatory responsibility to the public by going the Citizens United route – trying the “corporations are people” crap out on every issue. 325 more words



This Quebec produced film found in the library collection has nearly no reviews but I found it to be better than average. The film begins giving the impression of a silly guy movie like “Hangover” but evolves into much more by the end. 112 more words

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Le Week-End

A Birmingham couple, celebrating their thirtieth anniversary, decide to take the train for a weekend in Paris, where they honeymooned, in hopes to rekindle their marriage. 84 more words

Country Of Origin

Amities Sinceres (Sincerely Yours)

The premise for this French dramady is fairly straightforward. Three longtime best friends in their fifties have their friendship tested when the most rigid of the group discovers that his only daughter is having an affair with one of the other two. 41 more words

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