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Court rules against meat producers whining about detailed labels

I’m getting really tired of corporations trying to avoid regulatory responsibility to the public by going the Citizens United route – trying the “corporations are people” crap out on every issue. 325 more words



This Quebec produced film found in the library collection has nearly no reviews but I found it to be better than average. The film begins giving the impression of a silly guy movie like “Hangover” but evolves into much more by the end. 112 more words

Country Of Origin

Le Week-End

A Birmingham couple, celebrating their thirtieth anniversary, decide to take the train for a weekend in Paris, where they honeymooned, in hopes to rekindle their marriage. 84 more words

Country Of Origin

Amities Sinceres (Sincerely Yours)

The premise for this French dramady is fairly straightforward. Three longtime best friends in their fifties have their friendship tested when the most rigid of the group discovers that his only daughter is having an affair with one of the other two. 41 more words

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Like Someone in Love

Well, this is another art-house film that is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Like Someone in Love, set in Tokyo, on the surface tells the story of a pretty college student/call girl (Akiko) assigned to meet a lonely, elderly retired university professor at his apartment. 109 more words

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In The Fog ( Y Tumane )

This Russian co-production available at the library is a film set during the German occupation of Western Russia during WWII. The plot concerns the intentional release of a Russian railroad worker by the Germans after a rail sabotage incident. 62 more words

Country Of Origin

Agencies authorised to issue Certificate of Origin

Basics first!!!!

What is Certificate of Origin (COO)??

It is an important document in the international trade certifying that particular goods have been widely obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.  594 more words