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Pity Parties, Lists, & Wisdom From A Little Girl

I was sitting in the gym this week and a little girl came and sat by me and started asking me a million questiions. Among them she asked what I did. 773 more words

Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 20

Wow! Edition No. 20. This series has become much more than I would have ever anticipated. Without planning on it, Fave Photo Friday has helped me step from behind the camera and show off some of my work. 253 more words


Day 152 - Punch Brothers

I’ve posted a couple of bluegrass-y, folk-y tunes in the past (check out the early post about Old Man Markley in month 1 in particular) and it’s a genre that I do enjoy listening to from time to time – so I thought I’d throw another one up as January draws to a close. 130 more words

One Bad Ass Book Club!

Yes my book club read and review books, some of the books are amazing lit like The Book Thief, others not so great like the one we read that compromised of some birds modern diary (ha that sounds familiar eh) and others are just pure good old trash like the Vampire porn (yes there is such a thing) we discovered and all sheepishly admitted to enjoying! 197 more words

Wealth Inequality: Country

There is an Interesting article on David Stockman who warned of the wealth inequality in the United States.1 His problem isn’t with the wealthy achieving wealth through business or even through the stock market, but that the stock market is unusually propped up because of the Fed’s monetary policy of printing new money. 452 more words


The unforgettable

Miles away on a sacred land,
They came to scar our peace.
With guns and bullets in their hand,
Forgot, our soldiers were not at ease. 152 more words

Life, Destiny, Fate

Eric & Sam

Y’all know that new saying that’s supposed to make you sound cool, “I can’t even..”? Well, I hate it and think it’s stupid, but for some reason, whenever I see a picture of Eric Church or Sam Hunt, that is exactly what pops in my head. 91 more words