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SPEECH: Pass on opportunities to next generation

Check against delivery

Thank you Madam Mayor, and I would like to thank all the councillors for their contributions to this debate, whether I agree with them or not because this is the point about this motion. 490 more words


SPEECH: Our young people deserve better

Check against delivery

Thank you Madam Mayor.

Good services are shaped and designed by the people who use the services as well as those who deliver them and those who control the budget. 623 more words


Essex council expenses under fire

-Mayor Ron McDermott: $39,050/$2,385

-Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche: $22,146/$2,869

-Coun. Morley Bowman:  $26,285/$5,021

-Coun. Rand Voakes:  $19,499/$1,129

-Coun. Bill Baker: $23,006/ 678 more words


Preview of Tomorrow's Monroe County Council Meeting (2014-04-08)

The agenda and packet for tomorrow’s regular meeting of the Monroe County Council is available here:

Following are the highlights of the agenda:


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Keep the leaflets, make sure they keep their promises...

It came finally, the first one of many. Pretty colours, nice smiling photograph, a short biography mentioning ‘community’ and ‘experience’. Married with children, a nod to the GAA or the local soccer team and promises about this and that. 610 more words