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Poverty for Profit: Coalition for the Homeless - Open Mouth, Insert Boot

Some days you just shake your damn head and wonder in what part of the universe do the Montgomery County health and human services workers operate. 548 more words

County Council

Poverty for Profit: Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

Montgomery County is known for the lip service it provides for all the “good causes” that it promotes. The biggest is helping the homeless.

It has become evident to True Montgomery that in the county, homelessness is a fast-growing profit center for nonprofit agencies. 344 more words

County Council

Maui's Farming Ban

A few months ago the people of Maui County were given the opportunity to present testimony before the county council on a proposed ban on farming.   320 more words

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Ask not what you can do for your county council…

It’s bad enough that, in Ireland, town and county councillors get very well remunerated for doing what was originally designed to be a voluntary or part-time vocation. 143 more words


County Council Votes Down "In God We Trust"

The motto of the United States, “In God We Trust”, will not be displayed in County Council chambers. Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald pledged to veto it, and Allegheny County Council voted 8-6 against it. 87 more words


Homelessness is Profitable for Nonprofits

A recent Gazette news article about a Montgomery County landlord hiring an “enforcer” to evict residents from his properties highlights the need for the county and other states around the country to move to a no-eviction but instead a relocation policy. 625 more words

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