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Syria, Retired US Army Major General, Paul E. Vallely, guiding terrorists agianst Syrian Government

Published on Jan 14, 2014

A video has been circulated over the internet apparently showing Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army Major General, leading a group of militants inside Syria. 314 more words

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Kickstarter Picks - 14 Apr 2014

Coup Reformation – Just a couple of days left to get in on the wildly popular expansion to Coup

Space Station Terrain – And a couple of days lefft on this space station terrain. That’s no moon…

Board Game

Death of a Statesman

Day 9. An interlude of sorts as we reflect on the death of a statesman who led us through some very difficult times. Today’s poem is a selection of sandwiches, not because you particularly want them but because you need them. 229 more words

The Dilemma of Ukrainian Workers

While Western and Russian mainstream media outlets fail to offer a clear analysis of recent events in Ukraine, we must take a look at history and class interests to truly understand what is happening. 812 more words

Is Mugabe's DMCC visit a PR coup or disaster?

There’s few people who have been more vilified in the Western media than the President of Zimbabwe for events in the African country over the past couple of decades. 118 more words

United Arab Emirates

8 Keys to Raising Leaders without a Potential Coup

Sadly many churches have experienced splits due to a coup.  A coup is where a group of people take authority that was never theirs in the first place.   821 more words