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Big Trouble in Little China, Coup De Villes music video.

This is the music video for Big Trouble in Little China performed by John Carpenter, Nick Castle and Tommy Lee Wallace in their band the Coup De Villes. 19 more words

A bad week for evil dictators

Source: Veterans Today, by Michael Shrimpton, October 2014

It’s been a bad fortnight for the Bad Guys and a good one for the Good Guys. 268 more words

World At WAR

Thailand Martial Law Tour.

Prayuth said that martial law will not be lifted and should be promoted as a tourist attraction.

Enjoy your Martial Law stay in “Junta Land”. Your martial law tour package in photos. 424 more words


: now under new management :

There’s been a coup, ladies and gentlemen.

My brain, pictured above, has overthrown my thyroid, pictured below, and seized control of operations. Hey, don’t look at me; I’m just as surprised as you are. 343 more words


From Coup to Coop

63 days at site.

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. PCVs were all evacuated to South Africa for 3 weeks due to the coup launched against the prime minister backed by the police, by the leader of the opposition party backed by the military. 1,668 more words

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Deposed? Not So Fast.

Two things remain true as we start the new week: 1) Kim Jong Un is missing. 2) We know very little about the North Korean regime. 1,269 more words