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An Attempted Coup Started the Day We Arrived in Buenos Aires

We were so excited about finding air mileage tickets to Argentina, that we neglected to check the State Department Travel Advisories that warned about political instability in that country.  138 more words

Guinea-Bissau Presidential Election to go to Run-off

From the BBC

No candidate has secured an outright victory in Sunday’s presidential election in Guinea-Bissau, the electoral commission has said.

A run-off vote between the top two contenders will be held next month. 397 more words


To Maisha On Bethel Apostate Takeover and Infiltration

To JWN “maisha” on the Bethel Apostate Takeover

One thing led to another in my own awareness things are actually worse than they appear at Bethel. 746 more words


Bethel Daniel 11 False Interpretive Hoax

Bethel False Interpretation in Daniel 11 on Purpose

Yes and it is also a great opportunity when the “attack” begins, for Bethel to also fill the fictional “King North” character of Daniel 11:44 with whatever new “villain” should appear. 2,424 more words


Coup is Pretty Coo

Coup -

A battle of wits and wealth! You and your opponents are trying to swindle and corrupt each other in order to gain the most influence over an Italian city-state. 582 more words


Syria, Retired US Army Major General, Paul E. Vallely, guiding terrorists agianst Syrian Government

Published on Jan 14, 2014

A video has been circulated over the internet apparently showing Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army Major General, leading a group of militants inside Syria. 314 more words

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