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Pillow Talk

Deep into the night
under the blanket of
darkness and delight—

the rise and fall
of our breaths,

the rhythmic beats
of our hearts,

the deepest secrets… 6 more words


It gets worst every second

Apparently, I am not done for the day… I thought I could give my mind a break about all the things that is happening. But I guess not. 667 more words


Hanging out with some Indians-- Oh, Uh, I mean, Native Americans

Welcome to day 2! You all thought you’d never hear the rest of this story about the most beautiful couple you’ve ever seen, exploring the most amazing treasures America has to offer, didn’t you? 1,088 more words


You Know More Than You Think You Do

I may look okay but I’m not. I may fake a smile but inside I’m hurting. Every time I try breathing it hurts. Every thing hurts. 315 more words



It may be obvious by now that I have been bitching about my “break up” I don’t even know if it is. It’s too complicated. It’s too complicated to think about it. 287 more words


You're so vain

He was eternally doomed
She was terminally beautiful
Together they made a perfect couple

She made dinner
He made love
Together they made a perfect couple… 146 more words