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She’s been thinking a lot about courage today. She didn’t think she was an especially courageous person. No, courage was not the characteristic about her that immediately sprang to mind. 255 more words


The Four Agreements

I love posting short excerpts, as great reminders of ideals that may be applied universally , no matter what belief system we have had our whole life. 490 more words


Character vs Face

A bad character kills a good face where as a good character enhances the beauty of the face.
Don’t stare at your face, Reflect on your heart.

Daily Life

8 Useful Ways to Deal with Obstacles

We are confronted with obstacles every day. Sometimes they can be predicted, other times they cannot.

Being confronted with an obstacle is much more different than being confronted with a failure. 780 more words


Does Everything Have To be Difficult?

How much difficulty and complexity we create is to the degree that we want to stand in our own way of what we really want. 303 more words


To Begin... Or Stay in Shadows

A little over 19 months ago I sat down in a coffee shop with a good friend with an idea for a novel bouncing around in my brain. 651 more words


Be Courageous, Be Bold Don't Let Fear Stand In Your Way

Are You Game Enough?

Everyone wants to be known as ‘Courageous’. Courage is a wonderful feat to achieve. It is not only displayed by soldiers in a war field who faithfully defend their country; every field of work requires courage at various levels. 968 more words