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Almost No

It was a Friday when we got the call. Actually it was an email. Would we be willing to take a pair of sisters, both in middle school? 348 more words


Learning and Knowing

I try to learn something interesting every day – sometimes expanding on a previous subject – sometimes exploring something completely new – but the best is when you learn something about yourself and it’s such a surprise…. 125 more words


Your Ghost Found Me Today...

Your ghost found me today, alone, on our dusty canyon trail.

I knew you by the smell of stale cigarettes and Ralph Lauren perfume, mingling, unexpected, with baking earth, wildflowers, and sage. 242 more words


Prince of Peace

This month we’ve been talking about peace, which is ironic in so many ways, both personally and around the world.  You don’t have to look far to find unrest or struggles, they’re just about everywhere.  362 more words


Connect the Dots Later

I usually spend some prep time reading– books, poems, other bloggers, quotes — before writing. The quote at the bottom is one that hit me today as I was looking for something to help a young friend find the courage to plunge ahead, not knowing how things will turn out. 85 more words

Quotes From Better Writers

Everyday Courage {or lack thereof}

No matter what anyone tells you, everyday bravery is not like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. It is more of a choice to carry on when all of the faucets are leaking and there aren’t any plumbers around.  399 more words