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I'm the Earth in my Own Life

It’s is pretty common in AA to hear that newcomers should make a list of all the things they want out of their first year. The bearers of this advice often follow it by adding that whatever is on said list will surely be gotten and surpassed. 805 more words


Too Late to Start Over

“The signs are all around me,
The storm is raging still.
The wind brings sounds of battle,
From that far distant hill.

“I thought this all was over,

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Saturday Scribbles - The Great Outdoors

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of a sucker for wilderness/survival shows…the idea of a person pushing themselves to their limits, against a force as daunting as Mother Nature…well, it’s exhilaratng. 779 more words


Being the heroine (or hero) of our own life

I’ve been watching the series “Extant” recently – a show I’m really enjoying. But while watching Halle Berry encounter all sorts of challenges I began thinking about the concept of the “heroine” (or hero….but for ease of reading here I’ll use heroine). 370 more words


I'm grateful for standup comedy.

Ahh, standup comedy. When everything is grey, bleak and dreary, it is like emotional comfort-food for the soul, the way one eats pasta or soup noodles or buttery mash potato on a cold winter day. 163 more words


Today's Friend

It’s that time of year again, when everyone goes back to school. It’s stressful for many people because they don’t know if they’ll know anyone or not.  309 more words