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What The Wizard of Oz can teach us about Social Media

We have been singing along with “Somewhere over the Rainbow” for a lot longer than social media has been around. The Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch, and the ruby slippers were cultural icons long before Mark Zuckerberg went to college and launched Facebook. 454 more words

Writings About Writing - Thoughts And Tips About The Craft

Anxiety, Protein Bars, and Happy Dogs

I had a test in Forensic Psychology today. I took my beta blocker before it. I feel weird now. It’s like unused potential of drug feeling. 508 more words

Easter Eggs

How Should I React When I Suspect Child Sexual Abuse?

April is sexual abuse awareness month. Take a moment to think about what you should do if you think a child is in danger.



~ We just need someone to show us we’re not alone. Someone to extend a helping hand and say, ‘I’m here. We will do it together. 109 more words

Pillars Of Beliefs

In my solitary confinement

in the grip of depression

in the darkness of anxiety

in the  roller-coaster that is bipolar

Blazing Truth

Ah, Finals week. We meet again.

With only a week left until the due date of my research project, I feel that I am on the cusp of defeat. I keep telling myself that there’s still hope, that I can still produce something (however mediocre), but it rings dull. 490 more words