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As previously stated, my 2014 giving goal is 1,000 copies of my first two books, Catholics Mean Business and Catholics Have Courage.  During Q1 I gave away 190.

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don't be afraid or discouraged

If you have been reading this blog for the last year or so you know that my life is a roller coaster of hope and expectation, and disappointment and discouragement.   315 more words


Bringing Back God: Strength

Where does your strength come from?  Does it come from within yourself, from your family, from your friends?  Or does it come from God because you have faith? 319 more words


Day Nine - Dog

Dear Bear.

I am getting a dog. He arrives on Monday.

“There she goes again” – sing it to yourself all you like non-believers. My response? 8 more words


The promise within Winter

(I know it’s Spring as I’m posting this, but for people who suffer mental health issues life often feels more like Winter. For me, the trick has been learning to find beauty and the promise of hope no matter what the season–even if that season happens to be a very long and bitter Winter.) 128 more words

Mental Health

To Begin... Or Stay in Shadows

A little over 19 months ago I sat down in a coffee shop with a good friend with an idea for a novel bouncing around in my brain. 651 more words



I found this on ‘Childless Stepmom’s’ blog and loved it. No matter how overwhelming it is at times, I know I am right where I belong. Have a good weekend.