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Never Lose Your Ability To Laugh! It's Easy To Do In This World!

You will have to turn off the news for sure…..but laughter is healing. Even when we’re laughing at ourselves.


Our Paths in Life

The breeze is quiet as it catches a few strands of my long hair.  They wisp across my face; like the tickle of a soft feather as it brushes so gently over my face.   334 more words

Life's Journey

Silent Voice

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Obedient to old tradition,

Not a conscious decision,

Trapped in cultural cage,

Life of internal rage.

Behind locked closed door,

Her dignity he tore, 55 more words


Uncharted Waters of Unconditional Love

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about love— both God’s love for us and our love for others. I am convinced that authentic, transformative love positively changes both the giver and recipient. 330 more words


Telling fear to move around!

I was reading an entrepreneur magazine in the office of a marketing firm where I sat awaiting my job interview.  I skimmed through the pages as I looked for something that would catch my attention, when I ran across an article about giving fear the finger!  414 more words


No Pain No Gain

Today feel the pain. You know how it goes, no pain no gain. Physical
and emotional pain, are not the only types of pain we experience. 85 more words