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Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Data Analyst/Data Scientist seems to be the one of the most important roles of this century. The increase in the data that can be collected and processed set the path for this occupation. 110 more words

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  • Do you prefer classroom based learning or online?

From the experiences I have had so far with online learning from the MOOC I have chosen (Managing fashion and luxury companies) I do prefer classroom based learning compared to online learning. 219 more words

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Coursera-Philosophy and the Sciences

I’ve just found an amazing course online. Coursea is a site which provides useful online courses from various universities all around the world. And as you can obviously see from the title above, the latest course provided by the University of Edinburgh is very directly related to my key interest of the year (perhaps up to next year as well); Philosophy and Science! 165 more words


2 MOOCs on Coursera: 'WASH in developing countries' and 'Introduction to planning in African cities'

Coursera offers two courses from the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) on urban planning issues in developing countries. 143 more words

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WFFE? W02 Reflection: What is intelligence?

What you already know about intelligence. How do you know if someone is intelligent or not? Do you consider yourself to be intelligent? Why? What is your evidence for this? 185 more words

"Pong Game" made in Python

At last I  was able to finished this “Pong Game” – one of the hardest mini-projects of my Python Programming  course. For other mini projects I built please check my… 615 more words


Week 4 – Can Schools Make a Difference?

I went to a Scottish comprehensive school. It had a mix of students from different backgrounds, although it was not ethnically diverse. At the time it seemed to be considered a ‘good’ school; looking back, I’m not clear why. 234 more words

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