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Nerd Alert!

I will admit — there are times when I am a full blown nerd. But I am loud and proud of my nerdisms, the biggest being that I love to learn! 139 more words

Adult Education

Planning To Be Not Sick...

So the girlchild is sick. It’s two days until a week-long vacation, and I am surrounded by coughy, sneezy, leaves-her-used-tissues all over the house, which the dog then tries to eat, so I have to touch all of them to either throw them away or get them out of the dog’s mouth. 1,301 more words


Bioinformatics Algorithms Course: Part 1

In this course, we deal with the algorithms used on various biological processes. We define each biological process and then find an algorithm to achieve the results quicker and more efficient. 601 more words


Computational Investing part I on Coursera

I recently finished up my second course on Coursera.  This was was Computational Investing I by Tucker Balch.  Learned a little bit more about how the stock market works, and (maybe somewhat) how the quants do their thing.   711 more words


Why You Should Totally Read Comics

You Can’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover – But You Can Judge a Comic Book by a Page

I’ve just this week completed an online course from the University of Boulder, Colorado on comic books and graphic novels. 1,333 more words


Nov 17, 2014: Activity Log

I thought I’d write a quick post about what I’ve been up to recently (mostly for myself). I can’t talk about some of the neat side projects I have going on at work, but I’m using Entity Framework, MVC, Web API, and the D3 web visualization library and it’s fun stuff. 213 more words


Literature Review

In any fields, the knowledge and skills of researchers on conducting proper research is essential, and in different academic levels, requirements evolve. Researchers would need to develop skills in communicating argument and points of interests as well as being open-minded to new discoveries. 184 more words