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Japan Education Festival Indonesia 2014

Kuliah keluar negeri selalu menjadi topik yang menjual. Berkali kali pergi ke pameran pendidikan tujuan luar negeri, kesan yang didapat adalah, kuliah keluar negeri relatif mahal dan eksklusif. 647 more words


The study of History might be an exercise through MOOC mandated propaganda - beware!

In the recommended videos in the course, Latin American Culture on the MOOC Coursera, are a couple by PBS that appear to be veritably the mass propaganda issued by North America upon a haplessly bullied world. 167 more words

Daily Injustice

Consistency Reset

Consistency Reset

By Evangelidou Foteini, September 2014

Consistency in teaching means that the students of a classroom know exactly what to expect from their teacher day-to-day. 1,673 more words


How Your Learning Mindset Can Cost Your Job (and how to avoid it)

It’s Labor Day (U.S. Holiday) A great day to write about work.  If you work in a computer-related profession you can never stop learning if you wish to remain employed.  497 more words


How To Pursue Your Passion

You know those moments when you catch yourself daydreaming? Staring at nothing, yet imagining backpacking through Italy, sipping wine in Napa, or jet skiing in the Virgin Islands. 348 more words


Get some science in your SF. What to do if...

… you have no idea how and maths scared you since third grade.

Some days ago I was chatting with a friend of mine. He told me he was writing a SF short story, and, after reading the summary, I volunteered as beta-reader. 655 more words


Learning Chinese

They say the first day of September is the true “New Year’s Day”, when it comes to work and projects.
It might well be.
It’s certainly true for me – autumn is always a highly-charged time of the year, as far as I’m concerned. 331 more words

Armchair Adventuring