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Free Coursera Course - Supporting Kids in Reading and Writing

Started Today!  Free Coursera course with Dr Jenny Thompson from the University of Sheffield. For those of you unfamiliar with Coursera, these are MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. 304 more words


Week 1 Final Reflection

I’m taking this course for two main reasons:

  1. To widen my understanding of the key issues, for example learning techniques and the ingredients of a good teacher.
  2. 451 more words
Week 1

Coursera: English Composition 1 - Achieving Expertise

I’m really enjoying my work in communications. I don’t consider myself a writer but an admirer of writers. I thought to continue in this field and hopefully move up I need a better writing foundation. 301 more words

Optimism About MOOCs Fades in Campus IT Offices

By Rebecca Koenig

MOOC fever is cooling, at least among campus information-technology administrators, according to the 2014 edition of the Campus Computing Survey, an annual report on technology in higher education. 419 more words

MOOCs In The News


It has been a more than a month since I last worked in an office setting as Graphic/Digital Designer, almost two. It was a much cleaner, more comfortable and safer alternative to where I am now at my parents’ place. 428 more words

Lurking in MOOCs

That’s what I’m currently doing, lurking and being a bad student. Skipping class for weeks and then maybe showing up to have a look around. Not doing the assigned work, although this is so expected that the instructor tells the class that only a portion of the enrolled students will do the work. 520 more words

Online Learning

Education in China: Online learning is becoming more popular | The Economist

NEARLY 7m students began their courses at Chinese universities at the start of a new academic year this month. In line behind them, a new cohort is already cramming for next year’s university entrance-examination, the notorious gaokao. 394 more words

China Alert