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Giten Heart Meditation: Love, Acceptance and Silence

Giten Heart Meditation:

Love, Acceptance and Silence

- Periphery and Being

Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and feel the heart and the area around the chest. 382 more words


AIDA 2 Star Course - April 29th 2014

Next AIDA 2 Star Course is scheduled in Toronto for April 29th 2014

The depth portion of this course will be in Lake Ontario in July or in the warm waters of Roatan in May 2014. 17 more words


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Die Insel Koh Tao

The Entrepreneur course: Week one

As I had detailed in my Initial Thoughts post, the class is off to an okay start. I am not a fan of the long videos, though the content  is interesting. 115 more words


26th March

The new 2014 entry Cambridge prospectus

applied virtuality book series | EigenArchitecture, Computability as Literacy

Medializing the generic. A path out of the technological and economical excesses in contemporary architecture. A book on research and education in architecture and information technology, conceived of as philosophical interplay between two species similar in kind: neither of them is in the least disciplinal, both affect everything, and both are arts of structuring.The one 2,500 years old and dignified, the other just fifty years of age and impatient. 105 more words


PHD Colloquy | Signification || Communication: theory and applications of glossematic coding as method for pre-specific modeling

«The entities of linguistic form are of “algebraic” nature and have no natural designation; they can therefore be designated arbitrarily in many different ways.»

(Louis Hjelmslev)

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