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The Ins and Outs of Court Reporting

The work of a court reporter is quite an exciting one. For the ones who don’t know much about this field, this job might sound like a boring one. 408 more words

Court Reporters

Can or Should Technology Replace Court Reporters?

Will technology eventually make court reporting an obsolete profession? With the continuing evolution of voice recognition and digital transcription technology, it’s a fair question and one that may cause any aspiring court reporter to hesitate before entering the field. 745 more words


Manhattan Court Reporter Kept Writing "I Hate My Job."

Rogue Alcoholic Court Reporter Kept Writing ‘I Hate My Job’, by Rebecca Rosenberg, Reuven Fenton and Bruce Golding with additional reporting by Steven Hirsch and Laurel Babcock, New York Post… 154 more words


Court Reporter Typed Gibberish

Too much alcohol can affect eye-hand co-ordination – which is a bit of a problem if your job involves typing a transcript of who said what in court… 22 more words


Court Reporter Officially Hates His Job More Than You Do

Plenty of people say that they hate their job, but few put that sentiment into writing, let alone on the official record. According to the… 164 more words

Olender is for you!

Olender services all of Florida and is a leader in litigation technologies. Contact Olender to schedule a Miami Court Reporter, West Palm Beach Court Reporter… 27 more words