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Doing my civic duty

The seal of the State of California was visible behind the clear window on the upper left side of the envelope. To the right of the seal were the words, “Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco.” 443 more words



Not only is a death in the family very painful because of the loss of a beloved member and the wrenching feeling of missing them, but to add insult to injury, there are all the legal procedures you have to go through. 1,513 more words

I Don't

I don’t drive down those old dirt roads anymore.
I don’t drive down that old state highway that leads to your front door.

I don’t drive up and down the strip to see old friends. 179 more words

Lifes Journey

Jury Selection in Ontario - A Defence of the Methods

This treatise is written in the context of my observations in the City of Toronto in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It might not be applicable to other jurisdictions. 833 more words