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Ferguson rises in fury: Again


There has been unrest in Ferguson, a city in St. Louis county of Missouri, when a Grand Jury decided not to indict the police officer who killed Michel Brown. 339 more words

Is the rise of rental possession cases really nothing to do with legal aid cuts? Why I disagree with the MoJ...

There is absolutely no evidence that the recent rise in repossessions is in any way linked to legal aid reforms.

A very definite statement from the MoJ, taken from…

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Judge mulls whether man charged with murdering cop can get fair trial in Dakota Co.

When asked for their impressions of Brian Fitch, Dakota County residents used terms such as “devil” and “scumbag” and suggested authorities should “hang the guy,” “fry” him, or shoot him, … 308 more words


Justice Scalia Explains What Was Wrong With The Ferguson Grand Jury

NOTE:  The headline to this article does not appear to be exactly accurate.  Perhaps it should read something like “Justice Scalia’s earlier decisions Explain What Was Wrong With the Ferguson Grand Jury”.   527 more words


Court: Warrant Needed To Draw Blood In DWI Cases

Texas’ highest criminal court has ruled that drawing the blood of an uncooperative drunken driving suspect in Texas without a search warrant is unconstitutional.

Legal experts say the decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals likely invalidates state law that had provided law enforcement with several circumstances in which they didn’t need a warrant to obtain a blood sample from a driving-while-intoxicated suspect who refused such a request. 153 more words


New Sentencing For Former Carthage Mortician Bernie Tiede

Texas’ highest court has granted a new sentencing hearing for the mortician whose conviction for killing his longtime companion and storing her body in a freezer… 426 more words


Judge denies widow's appeal, upholds $1.8M award to Jesse Ventura in defamation suit

A judge upheld a $1.8 million award for Jesse Ventura in a defamation suit he brought against the author of a book who claimed he punched Ventura in the face after the former Minnesota governor made offensive comments about Navy SEALS, the  332 more words