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A Redirected Revolution

“Anna, what do you say to a guy who wants to marry you?” my dad asked my sister Anna. We were all quite young–I would guess that Anna was four or five at the time– and we were passing the time on a family road trip. 1,936 more words


C H I V A L R Y - or lack of...

Chivalry is a code of conduct, the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. 732 more words


25 July. One Day and a Half Out of Rio De Janeiro

Dearest  “Cyclone”,

Hello Darling!  Still love me?  Say, remember all the kidding we’ve done about “champagne”?  Well, the other night they had a masquerade ball for the First Class passengers, and one woman, a Met. 263 more words

Musings Of My Father


My best friend and I did some hanging out yesterday, I realized she’s got some spark in her eyes, I knew what that meant but I still asked, ‘‘who is the guy? 906 more words


28 July 1948. Rio De Janeiro

My own darling “Cyclone”,

You now have only 277 more days before you have to get up and cook my breakfast!

I received one letter when we got in, and am enclosing my only copy of addresses in this letter.  193 more words

Musings Of My Father

So Much More, p. 33-51 - Part 2: The Virgin Bureaucracy

“A&E” refers to Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, authors of So Much More. I chose the abbreviation to save space and time.

As I suggested last time, chapter 4 of So Much More is a very important one. 2,468 more words

The Excuse to Experience Intimacy Outside of Covenant

What if I told you there was a man
What if I told you that man desired a woman
What if I told you that man decided he wanted that woman… 672 more words