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Before you say 'I do' (Part 2)

Adam and Eve- January 25 2015

Before you say ‘I do’ (Part 2)

My wife and I spent time together on a regular basis during our courtship. 571 more words

How not to propose

In Impending Love and War heroine Courtney Beecher wants Douglas Raymond to propose so she can turn him down. It doesn’t go as easily as planned. 294 more words

Fiction Writing

A Congenial Spouse

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for being our God, our father, our saviour from death, heartache, destruction, guilt, everything that sin brings.

Thank you for your love, that we don’t deserve. 84 more words

Understanding Child Care Societies: Part III

As we continue to look at the factors that may influence the kinds of child-care societies that emerge throughout the world over time, we have to consider a few more of the internal dynamics of procreation and sexual intimacy. 1,811 more words

No perfection. Only Life.

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our Paint Nite. My name is Jon Fedorson and we will be painting the Ice Moon by Peter Raymond tonight. So without further adieu let’s get started!” 901 more words

A Hot Handwriting Scene in Jane Austen

A strong pen, even strokes, letters of an impressive length . . . Jane Austen turns up the heat today, on the occasion of National Handwriting Day, with a surprisingly sexy scene about penmanship from  612 more words

The So-called Classics

Great Horned Owls Courting

The intense hooting of Great Horned Owls begins in late December or early January, about a month before actual mating takes place. Males call during most seasons of the year, but the period when the males are hooting vigorously lasts for a month or six weeks. 189 more words