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Understanding Women

I have always had a hard time understanding women. Not that I don’t get along with them or I don’t understand what their feelings and desires are, I think I fairly understand that and many say I can be very hilarious hanging out with. 585 more words


A Letter to My Kids on Dating

Good morning to my greatest works!
of art, of creativity, of heart, soul, mind and breath.

The other day, one of you asked what was my favorite age of you three. 791 more words


One Day Out. Bahia, Brazil

Dearest Cyclone,

Now, don’t start thinking our schedule has changed.  It hasn’t.  We only stay 8 hours in Bahia, then, on to Rio and, I hope, a few letters from you.  200 more words

Musings Of My Father

8 July 1948

Dearly Beloved,
Well, usual routine! Up at 3:00 AM, on watch until 8:00 AM, walk down two decks to the library, go to Mass, and communion, walk down three more decks, and off for breakfast. 718 more words

Musings Of My Father

Seven Dating Mistakes Men Make

Anyone who’s strolled down the relationship aisle of a bookstore knows that dating manuals disproportionately hold women accountable for how a date turns out. If the guy never called again, it’s the woman’s fault. 674 more words


Take Me Out

Many a time I have pondered the question of why and how it is that I have hardly ever been directly and properly asked out by a man, and had so few actual boyfriends. 1,436 more words


Dear Brothers;

I Once Had an Encounter with a guy who had just berated his girlfriend in front of me while she was standing there. I looked him in the eye and said “Okay, you can build her up now.” The guy looked at me for a second and then shrugged his shoulders as if what I said meant nothing at all. 906 more words

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