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Sex, Love, and Rocky Road

Some insatiable sensualists seem to say that sex is similarly satisfying whether we are in a loving relationship or not. Recent research, millennia of literary renderings, and years of clinical practice suggest otherwise ( 439 more words

2041. Single Women Don’t Pay — II

Ladies and gentleman, your dialogue at part I pleases me. It adds value to the blog. So, thanks. I never made this point. Men are born expecting to pay for dating and courtship. 1,453 more words


This Liminal Life #3 Courtship vs. Dating


This week we tell more of the story of our relationship. We also discuss our experience with courtship verses dating in the church. You will also hear more about the Church I pastor called Emmaus Christian Church. 28 more words


Old Letters Become Time Machine to the Past

I’ve been a personal historian for a number of years, and have seen how powerful the experience of documenting and preserving one’s family stories can be. 75 more words

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Of Sponges and Bananas and Romance

Marine biology is hard. We (scientists!) literally cannot know what our subjects are doing all the time- we (Tim and Team Sousa) are lucky enough to have marine subjects that have to breathe air and come to the surface fairly frequently, but in a rather neat and frustrating exchange they also have a wide home range and can only be spotted effectively during the day, and really only days with good weather. 495 more words


2040. Single Women Don’t Pay — I

Her Highness That Horse is Dead inquired at post 1661. “Would it say something about a man’s strength of character or motives if he did allow a woman to pay ?” 604 more words


Hateship Loveship

Hateship Loveship is the story of Johanna Parry (played by Kristen Wiig), a lonely woman who has spent her life caring for others. After the elderly woman she is caring for dies, Johanna finds employment working for Mr. 415 more words

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