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Sarah and Isaac

Sarah arose early in the morning. She looked out and saw Abraham saddling the donkey as though for a journey. Later he came in and said, “God has commanded me to bring Isaac up to a mountain that he will show me, there to offer a sacrifice.” Sarah watched them ride off together. 341 more words

Navel-Gazing & Poetic Observation

I am in an interesting stage in life. I am nineteen years old (though almost twenty). I am a full time student preparing to enter my final year of undergrad this coming fall. 826 more words

Two Masters, Two Ladders, Two Churches- One Choice

Previously, I wrote about two ladders of ascension, Jacob’s ladder and the corporate ladder. In it I suggested that Jacob’s ladder reaches far beyond that of the tower of Babel, and into the eternities. 1,123 more words


Contract or Covenant?

Contract or Covenant?

Ever notice how we treat the Bible as a contract between God and us?  “Now God we do this, and you promise to do that….” Sound familiar?  45 more words

True Believer pt4. . .(it could have happened this way)

          Weeks passed with no word of Yohanon’s fate; the few travelers Yeshua encountered offered little new information.  A chance meeting with a pilgrim on his way to Galilee finally provided information as to Yohanon’s whereabouts. 1,189 more words


"I Love You"

8-15-2010 Continued Letter Entry from 8-07-2010

“It’s been a few days since I last wrote in this letter and a few days since I called you (was that the 12th?) I am still in ___ Country jail and unsure how much longer I will be here. 295 more words

Quote of the Day 4/22

“. . .if you ever do anything like that again, I will strangle you. Lovingly, of course.”

                                 -Aiden St. Delphi

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