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Home Groups #105MC - 21st October 2014: Narrative & 7 Stories & Group Work, Lesson 3

In the last lecture of the day we first looked at a picture of a raft, ladder and someone climbing the ladder and we had to deconstruct the image by using. 345 more words


Home Groups #105MC - 21st October 2014: Narrative & Interactive Documentaries, Lesson 2

In the second lecture we looked at narrative but more in depth compared to the first lecture by looking at.


Welcome to Second Year

So, as of this year I have decided to approach things a little differently. I spent most of my time on this blog last year treating it like I was in school and that just because we had to submit it for marking at the end of the year, that it had to be structured and formal, but by their vey nature, blogs aren’t formal. 672 more words


Titusville: Interiors

Managed to stay at this very cool apartment during the Art and Algorithms digital arts festival trip, courtesy of some very nice people.

But as soon as I saw it, late at night, jet lagged, I thought…I better photograph this now….no way will it look like this after two weeks….actually it pretty much did! 32 more words

Team Not All There: Production Meeting / First Day Of Shooting #160MC

Yesterday we met up in the morning to discuss about what are next plan of action would be regarding #160MC module which is to create a short three minute film about any genre we like but we have to focus on making sure the sound is made and created before we start shooting the film. 372 more words


#160MC: The Production - 17th October, Lesson 1

Production Roles

  • Clapper loader (Is part of a film crew whose main functions are that of loading the raw film stock into camera magazines, operating the clapperboard at the beginning of each take)
  • 336 more words

Theatre Review - 'Our Town'

Wednesday 28th 2012 at the Ellen Terry Theatre, Coventry.

A second year show of ‘Our Town’, directed by lecturer Tom Gorman.

I went into the show with no real previous encounters with the play therefore I had no preconceived ideas and thoughts about what I should expect to happen, so I just went to go and enjoy what promised to be a great piece of drama. 780 more words

Theatre Review