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Job Searchers: How to Follow Up Like You Mean It

I was reading yet another article on USNEWS.com and I was a little shocked at how much you really have to do after the interview but also what you have to do after already you’ve applied for the position (that probably took about two hours including the questionnaire). 242 more words

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6 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make


Sometimes the simplest matters make all the difference in a potential job opportunity.  If you’re a job seeker, these simple mistakes or ‘sins’ can get a potential employer turned off. 410 more words

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Writing creatively in an email client

Have you ever written an epic email? Did it feel effortless? You wouldn’t have written that missive first in Word or Pages, right?

Email can be a liberating medium for the writer. 262 more words

To My Future Employer:


You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). 359 more words

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Your Professional Online Image

You’ve gotten some rest, you’ve gotten yourself motivated and organized, you’re ready to start job hunting right? Nooooot quite. There is still a very important matter of you’re Resume to sort out. 448 more words

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What’s in a Cover Letter?

In some way or the other, we all have gone through the time when we had to mention a cover letter along with our resume. The HR dept of every small and big organization probably sorts through the materials of thousands of job applicants every day. 503 more words


Is Your Cover Letter working for or against you?

COVER LETTERS – those innocent but dreaded  letters or emails introducing your resume (a.k.a. your career history masterpiece  which you have painstakingly written and re-written until it is a piece of art).  718 more words

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