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Love Letter to a Future Employer: the Dos and Don'ts of Cover Letters

Writing a cover letter can be a daunting task for many. This is where you have to be an actual adult and sound professional. Oh, and you have to know how to write a real letter. 443 more words

5 Thoughts from Someone Hiring

My work is hiring.

And I’m in charge of it.

It is pretty nerve-wracking.  I’m the lead on hiring two out of the three positions that we are looking for. 802 more words


How to Write Cover Letter for Elance Job?

Hi, “Client Name”

You job post caught my attention and I truly feel that I am the perfect match for the job. I am an experienced virtual personal assistant. 38 more words


Bharat Employment | Cover Letter

Cover letter-an essential document to grab a job

The time span between applying for a job and getting an interview call seems really long especially when it’s the company that you have always aspired to be at. 324 more words

Writing A Good Cover Letter

Yes, everyone’s favorite topic – cover letter writing. Most cringe at the thought of sitting down to compose a professional, presentable cover letter. Why is that? 575 more words


Heavy Metal Bureaucrats

I went to talk to the people that run the metal bar at the end of my street today in hopes of finding some part time work. 375 more words

What If You Find a Grammar Error After You Send Your Cover Letter for an Editing Job?

Most everyone knows the three most important things in real estate are (in no certain order): 1) Location; 2) Location; and 3) Location. Those of us who write know that there is an equally important trifecta for writing. 366 more words

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