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Watch A 10-Year-Old Girl And Her Little Sister Own Slayer's 'War Ensemble'

While her giggly friends are riding pink ponies to the nearest mall, or whatever it is 10-year-old girls do, Audrey is at home, shredding. She’s an accomplished Rocksmith guitar player, and she recently showed off her impressive skillz by playing along to Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” a song I didn’t even know existed when I was Audrey’s age, let alone being able to play along to it. 17 more words


Eddie Vedder Covered John Lennon's 'Imagine' Because War Is Bad

It sounds like a Rolling Stone wet dream, Eddie Vedder covering John Lennon’s “Imagine,” but it happened last Friday in Meco, Portugal. The Pearl Jam singer called it “the most powerful song ever written,” adding, “which is why I have never played it.” As for why he’s never covered a Ringo solo song, well, Vedder didn’t have a response for that. 91 more words


GREAT WHITE - Saturday Night Special

Collectors Dream Records has been putting out some cool records over the years and now it’s time for another Great White one. ‘Saturday Night Special’ that was released on June 13th, 2014 is a 15 track collection of bands favorites including ofcourse the Great White’s hits ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’, ‘Rock Me’ and ‘Save Your Love’. 128 more words


Until tomorrow, but that's just some other time :: Under the Covers

I’m Waiting for the Man (live) :: Echo & The Bunnymen

They stood out in the rain, no words passing between, just the silent sentiment of a boy handing a girl his jacket to wear. 426 more words


Progress Report: Let It Go

So it is my goal to do at least one blog post a week on here. The Dave’s Record Review blog seems to be coming along fine, but this one needs help. 450 more words


Cover Of The Week: Under The Rose by Black Anvil

New York American Black Metallers Black Anvil recently released their album Hail Death back in May and on the deluxe version of the album, the band recorded a cover of Kiss’s… 100 more words


Throwback Thursday: How Deep is Your Love

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Cameron Mitchell. We discovered Cameron on Soundcloud while looking for cover songs and found several that he did, but his cover of “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees stood out (it’s also one of our favorites here at 16 Clefs). 25 more words