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My New Book Cover Up

I think I might have mentioned that I have just written a non fiction book called Cover Up. It re-investigates five of the world’s biggest crimes: the death of Princess Diana, the death of Pope John Paul I, the probably murder of former US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, The plane crash in Gander, Canada that killed 250 members of the 101st Airborne and the assassination of President Habyarimana which triggered the genocide that killed one million people. 52 more words

Conspiracy Theory

DOCTOR: HEALTH AUTHORITIES COVERING UP EBOLA-LIKE CASES IN U.S. Exclusive: Patients being "disappeared" to prevent panicJ

This sounds to me very much like an extremely clever false flag . . . fear, fear, fear. We can’t see the cases of ebola; they are hidden, but you can be very sure they are out there!  661 more words



One of my favourite style staples- vests.
We love to layer properly, but in the summer it’s too hot to wear long sleeves. Vests are very stylish and allow us to still layer up in the summer. 234 more words


Gunrunner: Withheld documents include correspondence between Eric Holder, his wife, and his mother

  When the Fast and Furious scandal which left Brian Terry, Jamie Zapata, and hundreds of Mexican nationals dead began to close in around Eric Holder Barack Obama claimed Executive Privilege and sealed the documents which I believe would have implicated Eric Holder and possibly Barack Obama. 624 more words


She who… doesn’t want to spend a fortune on hair products

This may well be a trick everybody already knows, but what’s wrong with putting it out there again (in case you missed it the first time maybe)? 202 more words

Everyday Girl