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What does it mean to live as someone who is free?  God tells us that we are free and to live that way.  What does it look like.   1,009 more words


CSI Hamilton!

The litany of recent events which includes, the release of the QEC verification audit into Hamilton City Council’s inadequate workplace bullying prevention processes, the intention to… 38 more words

CE Briggs condones bullying!

Recently appointed CE, Richard Briggs has been a member of the senior leadership team which oversaw the most infamous period of bullying at Hamilton City Council and remained silent as a… 247 more words

THE DALLAS ACTION~PT.24: "The Carcano Ammunition"

http://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953 CLICK THE LINK! LISTEN NOW!

This week, the FBI’s investigation into~and the Warren Commission’s conclusions ABOUT~the bullets used to frame Lee Harvey Oswald. LISTEN/DOWNLOAD READY! Tune In, Talk Dallas!