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his mom = the country

His mom is not doing well.

She has had bone cancer for over three years now and the bones in her back have really, really deteriorated.   294 more words

Emotional Abuse

Slow learner

When I was a girl, I was normally the top student in all my classes (at least until I started skipping school constantly towards the end of high school).  278 more words

Covert Abuse

The holiday slog

Don’t get me wrong, I do love holidays!  At least I used to love them… more than I seem to enjoy them now.

I keep thinking about some of the readers/posters, and wondering how you all are faring out there during what can be a stressful and hectic season. 126 more words

Covert Abuse

a bizarre comment

This morning, my husband started talking about the news story about actor Dimitri Diatchenko killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s rabbit.  (See story here, if you really want to. 360 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

The mask

Contrary to popular belief, psychopaths are not easy to spot. They are good at masking themselves to fit in. Here’s the mask mine wore:

Covert Abuse

good enough to keep

I received this email from my sister yesterday; she is two years younger than I am.

Last night we were watching a MacGuiver episode and something really stood out to me.   360 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

When he doesn't want to do something

If I ask my passive aggressive husband for help or to do something for me, he’ll usually do it, but often at a hidden price or sometimes behavior that is probably meant to teach me not to ask.  274 more words

Covert Abuse