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Hate that question

This virus is kicking my booty, but I’m crawling to recovery.  A couple of healthy young people I know got over the same thing in about a third of the time it’s taking with me.  451 more words

Passive Aggressive

The flip sides of being sick

It occurred to me that I’ve had a sort of mini vacation by being sick since last Saturday.  I’ve had fever, sore throat, coughing and that not only has put me out of commission, but people were agreeable about my not handling food, dishes, laundry etc.  473 more words

Passive Aggressive


Spiders … eww!!!  One of my sons was bitten by a hobo spider.  This at least prompted a cleaning campaign in the man cave shared by brothers, and the fervor was increased when one of them killed a black widow under a bed that hadn’t been moved or dusted under for months. 379 more words

Covert Abuse

here's one...

Scene:  At night, in bed.  He has been moody, huffy, kind of slamming things a little, all evening. I can tell he is upset, but he hasn’t said anything.   102 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Knowing how to live

In a recent email conversation with a friend, she asked me about what I’ve been doing.  The typical simple question that’s phrased in various ways, and yet often so difficult to answer. 609 more words

Covert Abuse

This Is Truth!!

Can Abusers Change?

To say that abusers cannot change removes responsibility for sin. They can change, but the vast majority choose not to, which is what the experts state. 169 more words