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saying yes instead of no

He asked me if I wanted to meet him at a certain restaurant near where I work for dinner tonight.

Well, I don’t.

But I said, sure. 169 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior


You know how you have one of those days when you wake up feeling already behind and beaten before you even start?

And you haven’t gotten enough sleep so you live the day on the verge of tears because when you haven’t gotten enough sleep, everything becomes too much. 462 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Hallmark Channel and a Dream....

PA Man is out of town this week….AND next week! :D Can you say HaPpY DaNcE??

And he was gone the week before last AND the week before that! 453 more words


I’ve been in denial about how much damage my marriage has done to my daughters, about how much damage my husband has done to my daughters. 69 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Another talk with PA Man....part 2

So I decided to ask PA Man the three questions that are in the book, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage.
The author believe that these questions will be very helpful for several different reasons.. 631 more words

a day off...

You know what I hate about days off?

He takes the day off, too.

(He has his own business; he pretty much works – or doesn’t work – whenever he chooses.) 662 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

A discussion with PA Man...

So as you know, I read The Emotionally Destructive Marriage last week and it really made me realize how much I have changed in the last few years! 581 more words