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Let's Nuke this Mother - LEEEROY JENKINS!!!!

On April 21′st, Dennis Lindsey announced that Tyrone Corbin‘s contract wasn’t renewed… This was not a surprise to most sports fans, as we had been predicting this on the TaxiSquadShow Podcast to happen.   838 more words


Creation Of the Week #1

Hello everyone!

As promised in my last post, it is now time for our first COW! To start off, and for your enjoyment, here is the symbolic representation of this weekly phenomenon; 256 more words

Stop dilly-dallying and buy CRANK Issue 3 now!

As you are no doubt aware, CRANK is a magazine in which you can air petty annoyances, obscure conspiracy theories and general arguments about what is wrong with the world. 150 more words


Disco is a mystery that will never be solved: Goon Reviews Castle "That 70's Show"

Seriously, words cannot describe how happy I am that I missed the 70′s.

So, after nearly a month’s hiatus we return to the 12th Precinct, just in time to hop into the ol’ wayback machine for a trip to the 70′s. 856 more words


HMC Exclusive: Ben Clopot and his 1.2 Million-Mile Mercedes Benz

We have an amazing story for you today. I was recently contacted by Ben Clopot, who had recently acquired a 1966 Mercedes Benz 250se Coupe and promptly fell in love with it. 346 more words