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This is a based on a true story I wrote for a contest called Story Lotto, where a selected group of writers share their stories aloud.

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You may, (or you may not) have noticed..

.. that I have posted a new work to my Twitter feed.

I’ve fully embraced the multimedia age now and I’m very happy to release the 2 minute extravaganza of how paint hit paper. 25 more words


Food Trends - Man-Made Milk

Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi are crafting a plant-based concoction that’s nearly identical in taste and nutritional makeup to cow’s milk. They have modified sunflower oil so that it can take on a structural composition similar to milk fats; substituted lactose with galactose, a nearly indistinguishable sugar; and culture yeast to release casein, a protein found in animal milk. 66 more words



“Cattle release five times more greenhouse gas and consume six times more nitrogen than eggs or poultry.” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-28409704)

Ahhh, it’s the nitrogen-eating eggs that produce the finest hydrogen fartoxide.

Immer noch heiß auf Kuhmilch?

Je mehr wir über das (kurze) Leben von Milchkühen erfahren. um so grausamer erscheint es. Vieles ist dem unbedarften Kuhmilchgenießer bestimmt immer noch unbekannt. Um so wichtiger ist es, mehr über die Praktiken in der Kuhmilchindustrie zu lernen: 164 more words

Animal Welfare

Don't be like Katie the Drama Cow

It’s only Monday, don’t be a drama cow.

Here’s to a good week ahead with a little laugh!

Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis

* via https://thedailyfunnies.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/pearls-before-swine-11910/