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Fear This!

The fear mongers are attacking our sensibilities in earnest with the November elections coming soon, world events and threat of war. We are being bombarded daily with gloom, doom, negative thinking and everything in between. 261 more words

come out cowards

So many people viewing the site but not very many people who are willing to come out and show it. Nothing but cowards. You must all be related to Nicole Rombaoa the biggest coward in the world


Zionist Cowards Revealed

by drkresearch

The cowardly, vile Zionist Jews are revealed for what they are: useless in the battlefield. By no means is the Israeli Army a legitimate force.

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Only One Day Left To Fix The Trust Fund!!!

How exciting!  Though there are about 28 days until the Highway Trust Fund is expected to run dry there is only one day until Congress sets off for a hard-earned 5 week vacation.   453 more words

Transportation Funding

Dreamer and reality: We are cowards

So I’m back in Hong Kong, a familiar place where I was born, where everyone is busy making banks, people never stop rushing here. Lived here for most of my life, yet I never felt comfortable with the idea that instead of living here in this tiny little city, we are all stuck, we simply have no choice but to stay here, and do what we are good at…making money. 427 more words


Why are Liberals Siding With Hamas?

Every since my collegiate days, from 1976-1980, when I was a Radio News Director, I have watched with stunned incredulity, as the  American Liberal Political Ideology and its adherents, have vocally castigated the country of Israel for defending themselves against the violent factions of nomadic tribes , who wish for nothing else than their annihilation of both the country of Israel and their citizenry. 1,192 more words


Hamas Cowards

The battle continues to rage in Israel and Gaza. I have a new synonym for Hamas: cowards! They fight their battles from behind the skirts of women and children. 269 more words