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Sir Harry Gibbs On The Constitutional Crisis

Sir Harry Gibbs On The Constitutional Crisis.

Hey Aussies we have been had ,this man Sir Harry Gibbs was a great man ,just like Glen McNamara “A FAIR COP” Gibbs was Honest a word that long ago left the vocabulary of many Politicians judges and Police . 51 more words

What kinds of threats are these?

Remember a while back when an anti-vaccine activist called and harassed a pro-vaccine person, even going as far as cynically stating, “You do know hows these things work, these threats work, right?” Well, they’re at it again. 904 more words


H is for Hate...

H is for Hate … It worries me how much hate there is in this world… what good is hate?

Humans are capable of a whole bunch of emotions: love; joy; pride; happiness; peace; sadness; shame; surprise; anger; envy; fear; and hate all come to mind. 1,407 more words

Alphabet Blog

Who Are These Masked Cowards? A Throwback to the Goons of the 70s...

Why the helmets?  What is there to hide?

How did they get unlimited power to beat civilians at will?

Why are they not held accountable for their violent actions? 29 more words


Clear and Present Dangers . . . Niccolo Machiavelli

“When you disarm your subjects, however, you offend them by showing that either from cowardliness or lack of faith, you distrust them; and either conclusion will induce them to hate you.”

~Niccolo Machiavelli



Clear And Present Dangers

The Chamber of Cowards

“Senator had the courage to save our financial system by supporting the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.  He saved us from default by voting to constantly raise the debt ceiling and ended the government shutdown by voting for Obamacare.  172 more words

Political Parties

Local Democrats; Matthew Owen just stuck it to you

After more than eight years of planning and scheming Matthew Owen has successfully managed to sabotage the local Democratic Party’s political action arm the Central Committee. 257 more words

Election 2014