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Hamas Cowards

The battle continues to rage in Israel and Gaza. I have a new synonym for Hamas: cowards! They fight their battles from behind the skirts of women and children. 269 more words


Are You A Conservative Who Abides By & Trusts In Our Constitution? Then You Are A Racist, Says Eric Holder....Now What Right Does This Cowardly, Race-Baiter, No-BackBone, Yellow-Streaked Coward, Eric Holder, Get-Off Calling Anyone Cowards!!!!

Can You Believe This Race-Card Abuser Himself, Calling Us Americans Cowards & Racists…Who Does This Moron Think He’s Talking To? Doesn’t He Know When Calling All Of Us Cowards, That Puts Him & His Leash-Puller Obama Even Further Down The List As Yellow-Streaked, No-Guts, Racist, Race-Baiting, Biggest COWARDS Including Their Boy Bergdahl, This Nation Has Ever Seen!!!! 308 more words


Cowards~by Steven Forrest


Warriors of hate, deal out fate
Citing what they will
Trying to justify the kill
Yet when they come to heavens gate
It’s the Devil will collect the bill


Teen's Rape Goes Viral But She Is Fighting Back!

This story is sad and empowering at the same time! A 16 year old Houston girl is fighting back against rape and the bullying in social media. 206 more words


Billionaires display their contempt for Congressional conservatives

Three of the world’s richest men — Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson — criticized the U.S. Congress, and particularly the Republican-led House, over its failure to revamp immigration laws.

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Lie kid'll armpit

There, figure that one out before the end of this post.

Sweet dreams are made of these… It came to me at some stage through the night. 507 more words