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George Clooney Furious At Hollywood Cowards Over Sony Hacking

George Clooney is not happy with his fellow Hollywooders! He sent a petition to the most powerful people in Hollywood asking them to take a stand against the cyber-terrorists and in favor of protecting the freedom of the 1st Amendment, not a single person would sign. 46 more words


Is the Sony Pictures Fiasco a Portent of Things to Come?

By now, I am sure that you have heard about Sony Pictures being hacked by an unknown person or persons, now thought to have been sponsored by the North Koreans. 951 more words


'Team America' Screenings Also Pulled From Local Theaters

Programmed as a playful substitute to “The Interview,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s North Korea comedy “Team America: World Police” also has been pulled from theaters. 285 more words


Sony & North Korea are NOT Cowards, AMERICA IS!

Yesterday the controlled media of the United States decided to officially blame North Korea for the recent hacks of Sony. These events do nothing but prove how cowardly and homicidal America is. 580 more words

North Korea

Feelings of hatred

A massacre that shook me,

And struck peoples gut,

Feelings of hatred heave,

Incite more hatred uncut.

Unattended emotions that rise,

With flames of darkness roughing, 28 more words


The men with guns!

Will you still sow those seeds
when you know now
plants which will grow
will never bear fruits or flowers,
neither will they give you shade, 217 more words