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Come with me. Collage and graphite on paper. 2014

My new eBooks: "The Cajun Cowdog" & "Cowboy Earmuffs"

Howdy doo,

I now have two additional new eBooks, my 13th and 14th. These are storytelling books for readers probably at an age level of 13 or older. 433 more words

Learning How to Rope: Day 3 – Third Time Lucky?

My Dad says that he absolutely wants to be there the first time I rope off of a horse. Not because he wants to be there to support me. 318 more words

A Cowgirl's Journal


I’m wrapping up “Keeping Faith”, getting it ready to send off to the publisher. Although I’ve shared several different excerpts from the story in previous “Sneak Peeks”, I haven’t yet introduced readers to one of the central characters. 316 more words

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Q is for... well, just keep reading

Q is for… We’ll get to that in a minute – Miners, next to the cowboy there may be no more iconic character than the miner of the Old West, panning for gold or climbing the hills with his burrow and pickaxe. 538 more words

All I Ever Wanted WasTo Be a Cowboy! Enter the Effus Ranch...

First I apologize for disappearing but I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I know I could have gone to town and got a signal for posting to the blog. 955 more words