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Wales, my country, you frustrate me!

a guest blog by David Griffiths

This week’s blog has been inspired by a series of conversations with people such as Mark Hooper (indycube) and Neil Dyer. 892 more words


Tips for Working in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are popular because they address the needs of emerging startups, freelancers and unconventional business outfits. They offer a more professional environment than the kitchen nook, garage or bedroom. 512 more words

Connect Coworking

I recently joined Connect Coworking as a Flock member.

Located in the historic Rialto Building at Tucson’s hottest corner, 5th and Congress, Connect is redefining the local coworking landscape. 129 more words

Get Involved

Idea Development

These next sketches are those I did as part of the design development stage. At this stage, I was solely focused on working out the aesthetics of the new office desk, yet I was still thinking about the technology I will use to enhance my product further. 34 more words

Product Design

Common Desk: the Best Office Ever

I mentioned Common Desk back when I first started my internship with Doodle Dog, but I feel like I’ve fallen short of capturing the awesomeness that is my workplace. 248 more words

How I make Indy Hall a better coworking space by documenting all the "hard stuff"

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a Spark File. Alex Hillman wrote a piece about what a Spark File is and how he uses his own to “defrag his brain”, citing influence from Steven Johnson, author of… 866 more words

My Other Office  is compiled of  individuals that are  taking advantage of a dynamic coworking space and the opportunity to work with dynamic people within this space. 125 more words

Collaborative Work Space