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Gliddy Glub Gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy

We did an early morning cow walk.  The cows were up and munching.  All the mums are feeding. La la la, lo lo.

Hot 100, a wonderful cow, milks her calf Juicyfruit.   132 more words



I love wildlife and animals, but one of my favorite animals is the cow.  Don’t ask why, I just love them.  I took this picture in Vermont, in September 2012 when my husband and I spent a weekend there for our anniversary. Mooooo…

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Where's the Beef?

We have fresh beef available!  Raised to organic standards, our beef are Certified Naturally Grown and Animal Welfare Approved.  Our cows live a charmed life on 500 acres, 80% woodland & the rest in pasture, with plenty of fresh springs throughout the farm.  69 more words

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Simple steak supper

Such a simple delight this steak supper..

Sometimes it’s best just to let the meat do the talkings ..

Starting with a very fine cut of steak from butcher Dave.. 128 more words

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Is that cricket?

I thought summer was here to stay. Farmer Rob has been in shorts for weeks and the barn owls have just fledged. Both quite a sight! 327 more words