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Cows, Antibitotics, and You

See this happy, healthy cow chowing down on some TMR?  Well, last week she wasn’t so happy…or healthy; she had mastitis.  Mastitis is an inflammatory response to infection causing visibly abnormal milk (clots, off-color). 498 more words


How To Celebrate Your 32nd Day of Birth

How To Celebrate Your 32nd Day of Birth:

1. Travel to Hartsel to pick up your favorite (and only remaining) Jersey heifer after she has spent the summer galavanting with her beau. 471 more words


Sleepy Hollow, Club Med Cow Move

Brent, Otto and farm guest moved the cows.  The cows had Club Med.  Club Med resides in Sleepy Hollow, the paddock.  With this move, they got a bit more yummy stuff including some trees. 85 more words


Gliddy Glub Gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy

We did an early morning cow walk.  The cows were up and munching.  All the mums are feeding. La la la, lo lo.

Hot 100, a wonderful cow, milks her calf Juicyfruit.   132 more words



I love wildlife and animals, but one of my favorite animals is the cow.  Don’t ask why, I just love them.  I took this picture in Vermont, in September 2012 when my husband and I spent a weekend there for our anniversary. Mooooo…

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