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Cow Talk

I recently caught up with my girl, 1061; also known as Judith. We are basically best friends and she said it was cool if I wanted to call her Judy. 960 more words


Large Black Hog Updates

Farm life is time consuming.  So blog posts tend to be few and far between. We have had several lovely litters of piglets.  The winter was just brutal.  505 more words

Farm Living

When it is Time to Say "Goodbye".

There comes a time for every dairy farmer to say “Goodbye” to a cow. Sometimes it is hard to do, sometimes it is easy. Sometimes the cows are old, sometimes the cows are young. 795 more words


Cows, calves and hens at Cream o'Galloway

Cows and Calves that help to produce the Ice Cream and Cheese at Cream o’Galloway.

Got together with some other B&B owners and enjoyed a very interesting tour of Cream o’ Galloway, which is a local organic farm, that has diversified into Ice-cream and cheese production. 163 more words

Employee of the Month

Meet 1061, one of my favorite cows on the farm and currently Employee of the Month. Employee of the Month? How does a cow get such a title?  433 more words


Farming in the Technology Age

Farming is constantly changing and just like our cell phones are becoming more and more advanced daily so are the tools available on farms.  Almost a year ago my family’s dairy farm we installed some of this new age technology! 62 more words


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I wanted to share this blog post from Housewives of Rural America with you! I have stated before that milking parlors come in various shapes and sizes. While the parlor on our farm milks 16 cows three times per day with one person, there are many other ways to milk a cow. In this video, you cans see how a robot works to milk a cow!