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The Cows Are Back In Nebraska

While chatting with our new neighbours, there was a “moo.” A “moo” a little too close to home. It wasn’t the new neighbours, it was our naughty cows taking a field trip. 72 more words


You're Clean, You're Frigorific and You're Ours

And now I want to fill it and deliver grass-fed, pastured things everywhere. Don’t just sit there frigo van, let’s go!

Less is more. Lot’s of white space. 26 more words


Cache Cow

The herd is munching their way through Nebraska. They moved to my favorite part of the farm today. When Brent moves them from upper Nebraska to lower Nebraska, they sometimes run around a bit. 77 more words


The Lookout - oil

A rancher once told me that cows are a very social animal and look out for each other in the herd.

He said, when the babies were out playing and romping around there is always at least one cow that hangs around watching out for them, like a baby sitter and the adults took turns day after day. 29 more words


Retriever On Hay Bale

Above is my photo of a Golden Retriever puppy on a hay bale in the sunset.  He hopped up and perched nicely.  He was very very still.   98 more words


Saving Mookie (and Penny!)

The trembling calf hid in the brush, peering out fearfully. Finally, lured out with the promise of a bottle, he sucked hungrily. He was less than half the size he should have been, stunted from malnourishment and trauma. 862 more words

Animal Rescue

Cows, Antibitotics, and You

See this happy, healthy cow chowing down on some TMR?  Well, last week she wasn’t so happy…or healthy; she had mastitis.  Mastitis is an inflammatory response to infection causing visibly abnormal milk (clots, off-color). 498 more words