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Mid week roast beef with trimmings !

That piece of topside has served well..

Three dinners .. !!

This outing was a mid week roast ..

Roast beef … Yeah… Mmmm… Yeah… 154 more words

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Waiting, waiting, waiting

Today, we expected to get our new calves….but disappointment reigned at Ra Puke when two little moo-ers didn’t come home on the trailer. Poor Emily had been so excited that she could barely sleep last night. 703 more words


Dealing with my fears

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Last week Ciara wrote the first instalment of our first ever ‘series’ (if you can call it that). She opened up to us all about her biggest fear, which is water, hopefully I will be able to do the same. 1,134 more words

Helpful Hint From Miko

When going to the Dentists for a tooth extraction or something of the sort, make sure to ask for the anasthetic GEL prior to the needle. 274 more words

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1,000 Words: Batanes, Philippines

If you had that kind of view, you’d be tempted to just sit on the grass and do nothing too. (Batanes, Philippines, 2014) 7 more words


Udder Madness

Tonight’s after dinner conversation was sparked by my lotion, Udder Cream.
Youngest: I didn’t want to use it, I thought it said elder cream, like it’s only for old people. 100 more words