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backlit moo

we went to the lake today & i saw some of these…all backlit by the late afternoon sun.


Fast Food Nation Chapter 6: On the Range @profjsm #code71

This chapter starts out with the main character, Hank who lives out on a farm not very far from a raceway. He was a typical farmer with a family, wife and kids. 192 more words


Happy Easter! We’re having us a lazy Sunday morning over here at the Johnston house, so I thought I’d throw open the windows and show yall what’s been going on the last couple of weeks around here. 621 more words

Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge- Week 8

…..cows at odd angles

As soon as I saw these photos I knew that I wanted to post them for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. 15 more words


The clanging of my wind-chime in the mild spring breeze is reminiscent of an old metal cowbell.  For a moment, I am transported back in time 150 years, driving the brown Herefords home in the evening with my willow switch.  128 more words


Argentina Scientists Are Now Attaching Backpacks To Collect Cow Farts

Scientists in Argentina may have just the answer to combat global warming.

With cows being responsible for up to 25 percent of the methane gas released in the US each year, a group of scientists at Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology is now attaching backpacks to cows to collect the animals’…farts. 75 more words


creative easter eggs - the farm - DIY

Today is the saturday of light! the day we prepare the eggs for Easter sunday.

As promised before, this is a step by step to this year eggs. 129 more words

Marmite Et Ponpon