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Looking in the rearview mirror: Glendale City Council is back in the news

When news broke yesterday that Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers asked the Arizona state attorney general to investigate the City Council members violation of the open meeting policy, I intentionally did not share or comment on any of news. 437 more words


Dear Moralistic Busybodies: *You* are the Greatest Danger to my Child

When I was five years old I walked the quarter mile to kindergarten every morning without parental supervision. My best friend, a first-grader, accompanied me. On days when she was home sick, I walked alone. 1,090 more words


OR-7: A Lone Wolf's Story

On a quiet Sunday morning last summer I saw my first wolf in the wild. I was near the end of a long trail run when I noticed him gazing steadily at me from a grassy clearing about 15 meters off the trail.  617 more words


Thursday Pet Stories

Today’s pet stories come from Yahoo!.

*Dolores “Dolly” Jefferson is an 84-year-old woman who lives close to Chicago, Il.  Recently, Dolly risked her life to save a dog from a pack of coyotes!!!  225 more words


A Coyote Lookback

This young coyote was sitting on the edge of the gravel road when I walked by.  We watched each other for a minute and then the pup got up and trotted away.   53 more words


Keep Your Phone With You

     “Take your phone with you wherever you go.” If my friend Evelyn has said that once, she has said it a bazillion times. “If anything happens, you need to be able to call for help.” 2,117 more words

Broomfield Hopes Rubber Buckshot Will Scare Coyotes

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – Coyotes a bit too wily in this northern Denver suburb are meeting a more formidable foe: rubber buckshot intended to keep them away from housing developments and other populated areas. 116 more words