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Video: Hotel of the Living Sled

Two penguins walked into the hotel assuming the haunted sled was gone a long time ago. But suddenly, the horror comes to chase them…..

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Video: "Be Heard!" Bullying Campaign - Special Message

The National Bullying Prevention Month in the United States is coming to an end, and the Club Penguin team produced a video and shared this special message telling kids around the world that everyone can make a difference: stand up and speak out against bullying.

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Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Special Video

Over the past 9 years, Club Penguin has grew up with everyone who loved this exciting online¬†interactive game with the community. Now, here’s a tribute to the anniversary with loads of artworks from the amazing artists around the world in one video that the Club Penguin Team spent lots of time to make and edit. 10 more words

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