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VIDEO: Gotta Have a Wingman Remix by Cole Plante

Here’s the music video with the song “Gotta Have a Wingman” remixed by one of the featured artist at the Music Jam – Cole Plante. The music video is proudly made by the former CP team member –¬†Businesmoose. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: CP's Interview with Sabrina Carpenter

Ernie D from Radio Disney interviewed Sabrina Carpenter, the featured artist for¬†Club Penguin. The interview covered Sabrina’s likes about making music.

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Best Day Ever MV

It’s time to dance with the new music video featuring Candence and the Penguin Band with their new song “Best Day Ever”!

Pssst… there’s a hint in the video relating to August.

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VIDEO: Penguin Cup Breaking News

It’s time for the CPSN to update what’s going on at the Penguin Cup!

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Interview w/ Cole Plante

Today CP released the interview video with Cole Plante. He answered some of the questions penguins posted on the Club Penguin Blog during the interview.

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