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Warning – this is a bit of a rant…!

Recently I was talking to an old friend (now an ex-friend) about how my husband and I had been discussing the possibility of having another child, and how the risks and fear involved after Harry having a stroke at birth, had led us to consider the possibility of adoption.  944 more words

Collecting Snowflakes for the Frozen Party and to win prizes as well.

  • In this post I will tell you where the three snowflakes are throughout the island and also to work your way up to the prizes that you might win along the way!
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Club Penguin Times Issue #461

  • This weeks CPT or Club Penguin Times Issue #460 has to due with the new Disney Frozen Party Take a look!
  • Please Note that the Club Penguin Frozen Party is also available on the Club Penguin App as well!
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To love it more
To care more
To give more
To smile more
To hug more
To cheer up more

Chaos Ahead?

Been trying to think what to write today as I won’t get a chance to tomorrow as I think it’s going to be chaotic!

Have had the first lot of pain (muscles in my thighs) for the first time in days. 195 more words