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Consistent revenue growth is at the core of Google’s strategy to dominate mobile advertising

By Jack Narcotta, Analyst

Margin growth remains a secondary concern for Google as its scale grows in digital advertising

Google is focused on expanding its broad reach into the advertising market by increasing the span and coverage of its digital and mobile platforms, and the company’s 4Q14 results highlight how the company’s efforts to buttress its core services are paying off: Google’s revenue and gross profit climbed 15.3% and 18.3% year-to-year, respectively, as the company remains the gold standard for digital and search advertising. 587 more words


Finding Customers and Selling on Social Media

Whether you’re selling children’s toys or Software as a Service (SaaS), your customers are almost certainly spending time on social media. The questions to ask are: where are they active, and where do they expect to find you? 641 more words





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Muma Buri rose from the bed, stretched and twitched his toes. He felt cranky, his knuckles ached and his knees felt like they would give way if he stood for too long. 1,935 more words

James Ogunjimi

Go Newclear and the #CPC’s Youth Strategy for the Upcoming Election

In researching my local Conservative Candidate, Tim Laidler, the young Conservative candidate in my home riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam, I started to notice a remarkable number of repeated patterns and parallels between his social media feed and the social media feeds of many other young Conservative candidates across the country.   3,735 more words


Precepts (pronounce as “pre-sept”)

Precept means ‘a legal direction by one court to another court.”

The Precept Order is normally issued by one court, while executing a decree, to another court of other area to attach the property of the judgment debtor situate in that area. 256 more words


What is a foreign judgment? NRI Divorce Decrees

Foreign Judgments

CPC sec.2(6) defines ‘a foreign judgment’ as “the judgment of a foreign Court.”

CPC sec.2(5) defines ‘a foreign Court’ as “a Court situate outside India and not established by the Central Govt.” 1,089 more words