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THP Entry: A CPLD Video Card With VGA And NTSC

is working on a very simple video card, meant to output 640×480 VGA with a cheap CPLD. The interface will be 5 Volt SPI, meaning there’s a ton of potential here for anyone wanting put a reasonable (and cheap) display in a microcontroller project. 189 more words

Video Hacks

An Online Course For FPGA And CPLD Development

Over on the University of Reddit there’s a course for learning all about FPGAs and CPLDs. It’s just an introduction┬áto digital logic, but with a teacher capable of building a… 133 more words


Programmable Logic II - CPL

There is a wide assortment of cheap development (dev) boards for Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), the smaller cousin of the Field Programmable Logic Array (FPLA) 1,202 more words