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RasPiCommPlus, An Expansion Board For Expansion Boards

The easiest way to connect a GSM module to a Raspberry Pi would be to buy a breakout module, install some software, and connect to a mobile network with a Pi. 135 more words

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Breadboarding a 68000 Computer in Under a Week

We’ve been lurking over at Big Mess ‘o Wires as geared up for his 68000 computer build. One of his previous posts mentioned a working breadboard version but we figured it would be a ways off. 270 more words

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A Proof of Concept Flash Cart for the WonderSwan

Unless you’ve been to Japan or are fairly deep into the retro game collecting, you’ve probably never heard of the WonderSwan. It’s a handheld console, released after the Game Boy Color was beginning to show its age, and a bit before the introduction of the Game Boy Advance. 257 more words

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Programmable logic devices :

Differences :

PAL and PLA :

PLA: both AND and OR gates are programmable.

PAL: AND gates are programmable whereas OR gates are fixed.

  • PLA is programmable logic array while PAL is Programmable Array Logic.
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Altera CPLD Development board and VGA test

A few weeks/months back, I bought a cheapo development board from China off WayEngineer (http://goo.gl/wFdZM7) and never really posted much about it!

I feel that I should’ve because its a really cool board for the price of it. 178 more words