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January/February Issue of LawNow: Workplace Woes

Featured Articles: Workplace Woes

Some days at work you might feel like you are surrounded by alligators.  Employment law can help you out of the swamp. 153 more words


Abuse and the Law in Alberta: New Website

Information about the law is incredibly important for victims of abuse that are thinking about leaving their partner.  The Centre for Public Legal Education (CPLEA) has a long… 142 more words


Bench Press: Estranged Father and Daughter

An Edmonton father and daughter had not had any face-to-face communication since 2010.  The father was paying child support of $1054.00 per month. He asked the court to terminate or reduce his support obligation since she turned 18 on the grounds that he had no proof that she had attended elective upgrading courses in 2013 and was actively enrolled in university in 2014. 271 more words


Bench Press: Unprecedented Sentence of 75 Years

Justin Bourque, the 24-year-old Moncton man who gunned down three RCMP officers this spring has been sentenced to a 75-year prison sentence. He will not be eligible for parole until he is 99 years old. 154 more words


Bench Press: Reining on the Parade

The Calgary Stampede Authority and the Street Church Evangelism Ministries International Foundation (Street Church) have been clashing for years over the Church’s participation in the Calgary Stampede parade. 215 more words


Bench Press: Who Calls the Shots on Treatment Orders?

A judge issued a treatment order for an accused in a psychotic state. The Crown indicated that a bed in one hospital would be available in six days.  323 more words


Nov/Dec Issue of LawNow: Vulnerable Families

Featured Articles: Vulnerable Families

When families face troubled times, the law can guide and help.

The Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline
Mark G. Jones… 159 more words