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Hello.  A new chapter is unfolding – allow me to be your guide to it.  An interpreter of sorts.

My name is Todd Smith-Schoenwalder.  I study at Washington and Lee University, and I am thankful for that. 204 more words

Overloading COUT to a string

Firstly, it’s not really overloading cout. But chances are that’s what you Googled if you had to solve a similar problem.

I created a user-interface library to handle buttons, windowing, options, etc… I used SFML for the 2D graphics and it worked great. 338 more words


Preferring STL algorithms from algorithm and numeric

This post isn’t meant to be a documentation of the algorithm and numeric headers: you can find those readily at cppreference. In this post I’m going to try to convince people that write very similar algorithms to those in the standard library to not use these algorithms in production code, and to prefer ones from the STL. 2,566 more words


Job Search

On June 30th, 2014 is as each day, and each moment, beginner’s mind.  Some say that I join the rank and file of the unemployed.  The pages of… 533 more words


Multiplying any two number using shift operator(without using multiplication operator)


using namespace std;

int main()


int num1,num2,temp,res=0;


while(num1 != 0)


if(num1 & 1)               /*For odd value of num1 we are adding num2 to result */ 19 more words

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