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C/C++ Double Deep Dive

Understanding how a computer program solves a problem is essential to learning how to program a computer to solve a problem. Understanding that the CPU remembers only values at addresses that it has processed will contribute to a good understanding. 542 more words


Please help me with the excercice [on hold]

Goodnight wanted to know if I can help with this problem:

By LCS implement a PILE of characters with their basic operations:

  1. Create a stack…
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Opting out of CPP 65+ and self employed

I’m learning the hard way about some of the not-well-known-rules of Canada Revenue Agency and opting out of CPP for those who are self-employed. This is not a problem if you are just self employed, but in 2013, I had a few clients that also received T4 employment income. 62 more words

Personal Income Tax

C/C++ typedef deep dive

As a second installment, the typedef code seems appropriate. The typedef concept was significantly under rated during the programming classes in which I participated in late 2014. 33 more words


How to learn C++

C++ is surely the most challenging programming language to learn, probably because it is also the most flexible and generic as you can use it for low level (embedded) and high level development. 730 more words


Writing code in blog

int main() {

How to make the text to source code is wrapping them in [code language=”cpp”] and [/code]

The language (or lang) parameter controls how the code is syntax highlighted. 105 more words