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Evaluating Impact of Political Performance

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet with Emily Reid who is Creative Director of Eco Drama a company dedicated to the production of high-quality theatre and creative learning projects aimed at embedding sustainability and ecology that can inspire social and environmental change. 801 more words


24. Small Factorials

Problem statement can be viewed here.

This question is very easily done in Python, thanks to its big integer support.

Python Code:

Coming to languages without big integers, like C / C++ 11 more words


C++ Encapsulation with Visual Assist with Move Semantics

Two examples how to achieve encapsulation with move semantics:

Option 1: using std::move(this is not the most optional one, causes duplicate code and problems type deduction) 234 more words


10239. Between the Mountains

Problem statement can be viewed here.

Simple brute force gives you AC in C++, use fast I/O for better time.


PS: TLE in Python(there are a few AC submissions). 6 more words


CPP Day 54: "Sleep Studying" towards below "C" Level

I spent most of my days studying two weeks ago doing something more along the lines of “sleep-studying”…what that means is that I would fall asleep during the times I want to study. 307 more words

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