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CAMBODIA: New NEC is the key problem for the CNRP and CPP.

An Article from the Asian Human Rights Commission.

After almost a year of conflict, the 7-article agreement between the CNRP and the CPP allowed 55 CNRP lawmakers-elect to take their National Assembly seats. 1,135 more words


[LeetCode][C++, Python] Reverse Words in a String

Basic idea: walk through the string, use a variable (in_word) to mark the current state: in a word or in white space. When the the state transits from true to false, output the current word. 168 more words


Sexual Pain/Dyspareunia/CPP (Chronic Pelvic Pain)

CHRONIC: Three or Six month’s duration, pain during, after, or triggered by sexual activity.

Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP) affects 30 million women in North America, and 85% have pain with sexual activity. 375 more words

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Review: C++ Multithreading Cookbook

The C++ Multithreading Cookbook should really be called The C++ Windows Multithreading Cookbook. The entire book is composed of tips and code examples that are intrinsically Windows, with only one short section that contains tips on multithreading in a platform independent fashion – although the author notably doesn’t mention that OpenMP is also available for non-Microsoft platforms. 393 more words

How to generate random numbers in C++11

C++11 makes it easier to write simple random number generation code. This was quite a bit convoluted in C++03 as explained in this older post… 23 more words