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Conifer Man Dies After Collapsing In Utah’s Canyonlands Park

HANKSVILLE, Utah (AP) – Authorities in Utah say a 70-year-old hiker collapsed and died in Canyonlands National Park in spite of his daughter’s attempts to revive him. 118 more words


Doctors Advocate CPR

Doctors spend their lives saving lives. They teach CPR so that everyone can learn how to help save lives. Both the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross offer classes in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, CPR where professionals and lay people can learn to recognize cardiac arrest and summon help. 21 more words

Monday Morning Medic: Study finds most CPR video tutorials don't offer the full picture

Monday Morning Tip #42: Video CPR lessons are easy, but a qualified local instructor assures complete training including immediate feedback and relevancy.

 You Tube is a great source of instructional videos for lots of things these days, but those seeking to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) might do better using more conventional instruction methods since only 1 in 10 videos offer accurate instruction on the topic. 268 more words


Day One: Freaking Out

Today is the first day of what will now be referred to as Project Chicken Shit (because that is how I feel, and cursing always makes things better). 329 more words

Athletic Training

For the past few weeks since school started, I have started to train my schools girls soccer team along with my two other classmates. Being an athletic trainer, you have to know how to treat an injury and what to do when there is an emergency. 423 more words


Fire Safety Celebration ideas

Fire Safety Celebration every year to bring awareness of fire safety in community.

Free Hotdogs

Free Drinks

Free Popcorn

Free to all and win prizes! 33 more words


living dangerously

I took a CPR class yesterday to get certified at my job. The mechanics of CPR are easy enough to remember – but I seriously wonder whether I’d actually be able to perform under the stress of an actual emergency. 878 more words

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