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Back to Blogging! and onward to Costa Rica!

So it’s been a crazy busy summer full of adventure, both good and bad, but I’ve learned a lot from it that I hope to pass on in the couple weeks as I attempt to catch up on blog posts. 392 more words

4e critters

@pointsevenone in 4e terms, mostly the same, but instead of using any critter keep yourself to critters with CR = or less than PC level

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 9, 2014

Hit Dice CR

@WolfHunter83 Start with HD, then determine CR. The CR calculation includes both offense (atks, dmg) and defense (AC, hp)

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 25, 2014

Rena Owen

2 new pics from what I presume is filming of Revenge of the Sith


A True Artist

Beyonce for CR Fashion Book Issue 5 Photographed by: Pierre Debusschere


Andreea Esca si Stefan Banica Junior, noii prezentatori ai Cronicii?!?!

Andreea Esca si Stefan Banica Jr sunt noii prezentatori ai Cronicii!

Si pentru ca suntem intre prieteni si oricum va fi bai ca am dat din casa, o sa va explic si cum s-a luat decizia asta. 651 more words


Projects implemented by Anoop Singh as Gurgaon Councillor.

He managed to bring 20 Cr. rupees for development work in our area and approx 13 Cr. rupees development work is expected to be completed in a very short span. 219 more words