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Ronaldo Requires Rest

Who doesn’t love alliteration?

No matter how you say it, or in what language, bottom line is Cristiano Ronaldo has got to take a break. 294 more words


Incorporeal Wall (CR 7)

The wall between the two rooms seems translucent.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger touch; Reset None


The wall is incorporeal, and objects and even hands/arms can freely pass through. 60 more words


El fútbol. Una realidad verdadera o falsa

IDEA PRINCIPAL: Para Freud, la tele influye mucho en los niños y este aspecto para él no es de su agrado. Ya que para él la identificación se crea a través de la familia. 428 more words

My Madrid

Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to travel to Paris, Barcelona, and, most importantly, Madrid with two of my best friends. Although I’m a Madridista  and I have some bias, Madrid was my favorite destination by far and I’d love to do a travel/ Real Madrid post to make up for my absence on this blog :) 630 more words

Cristiano Ronaldo

Pro Evolution Soccer [PES]

Pro Evolution Soccer series logo used since mid-2007. Number for the year is featured on the right side of “PES”. Stars corresponding to the number of the installment appear on the upper right. 229 more words