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pink snow

From Monday night on, we have had heavy winds and driving rain.  things flying by my window had caught my eye, but it wasn’t until it dried up (for a moment) and I went to add seed to the feeders that I saw it.  31 more words

Still Springing

So today was one of my favorite types of days – sunny, breezy – cool enough to mow the lawn without sweating but still OK to sit out side in the sun.   134 more words

The most gorgeous, happiest little crab apple

I met this beautiful little tree this afternoon, the both of us positively basking in the warm sunshine and (the tree) having suffered not a jot with the chilly winds and hail we have had earlier this week. 86 more words

Spring Garden

16 days until the RHS botanical art exhibition set up.

I have spent the day Photoshopping the Crab apple pictures and there is another glimpse at the end of this blog.

But this evening I was at a meeting with my Bosham artist colleagues. 175 more words

Crab Apple Series

Seventeen days before RHS botanical art exhibition set up.

I set to work again as soon as we got home from church today. Although there is plenty of light in the shed I don’t know if it rains or shines. 168 more words

Botanical Art

Plant native trees, shrubs, flowers for the birds

I’m far from a landscaping expert. Anyone who has seen my jungle of a garden in the summer can attest to that. But I do know that using native trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers are the way to go. 236 more words

Chris Bosak

Crab Apple – Floral para Autopurificação e Libertação

Recomendado para pessoas que são perfeccionistas, que sofrem com ideias perturbadoras buscando a pureza ideal, sofrendo até mesmo aversão a si. Específico para pessoas que sofrem de Transtorno Obsessivo-Compulsivo (TOC) com relação à limpeza e perfeição. 162 more words

Florais De Bach