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I’ve been rafting with Crab Apple Whitewater in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont for 25 years, on close to 60 rafting trips: the Deerfield, Miller and West Rivers in Massachusets and Vermont…and the Dead and Kennebec Rivers in Maine. 148 more words


crab apples

A selection of crab apples picked up from Lakes Field this morning. The hedge around the field contains several crab apple trees and I often wonder why they grow there and nowhere else on the farm. 526 more words

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Robin in Crab Apple Tree

A Robin sits high in a Crab Apple Tree wondering which crab apple to eat first.


Free Food - Crab Apple Cheese

There’s not much that tastes better, or at least seems like it tastes better, than free food. When I was in the sixth form I did Art at a different school (there were three schools in a consortium) and for some unknown reason the first day I was there and I went to the lunch hall the dinner lady handed me voucher for a free meal. 648 more words

Golden Hornet

Today I am going to sing the praises of the humble crab apple, Malus sylvestris.  To me it is the tree that has everything so brace yourselves folks, my sales pitch is extensive and may involve a PowerPoint presentation with laser pointer. 265 more words

Crab Apple Wine

Crab Apple Wine (1 gallon)

Pick, wash, destem crab apples.    Boil in a stock pot with just enough water to cover apples.  Boil and mash.  Hang to drip.  22 more words

Crab Apple