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What if Isaac Newton Sat Under a Fig Tree?


    Keeping Botany at Bay

There’s a crab-apple tree
Beside a parking lot
In the Old Mill Park
That has gaping holes
Where branches used to be… 412 more words


knitting a wardrobe - the marsa alam cardigan

I finished my second knit cardigan, whoohoo! The more I knit, the more I love it. Yes, it takes longer than sewing but so far I am loving my knitted wardrobe better than my sewn clothing. 365 more words


Day One Hundred and Eight: Crabapple

A loner, you prefer one hundred years of solitude to the company of an orchard, standing tall and making sure everyone remembers where our daily apple has its roots. 133 more words


Flowers and such

I am going to try to do updates on Sundays as that is the day with the least activity scheduled. These photos are from June 10th which is only 4 days ago but I could swear it was over a week ago that I took them. 252 more words


Crab Apple

For years, I would drive by houses with these lush pink flowering trees in spring. I was never sure exactly what kind of tree they were, only that I wanted one. 31 more words


Tree Following - June update

The blossom has all gone now and our crab apple tree is really bushing out, such a contrast from my first ‘tree following’ entry in March. 217 more words

Tree Following


The glory of life
In unspoken terms
Energy spent, wonders unfold

Unmoving, yet searching for partners
Its’ nature a color, a scent
Offering a sweetness of life… 39 more words

Landscapes And Natural Habitats