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Crab Fried Rice


6 cups cooked rice
2 eggs
1 1/2 tbsp fish sauce
3 cloves chopped garlic
2-3 chopped green onion… 200 more words

Thai Cuisine

Millions and millions of sea creatures!

On the homepage of Seafloor Explorer you can see a live count of how many sea creatures have been identified by our volunteers in total since the project began. 46 more words

Citizen Science

Aprons & Hammers - Get cracking!

In Dubai there are 3¬†ways you get to know about restaurants – either through the PR machinery where every publication carries a review or through word-of-mouth (of course once you hear the restaurant’s name and visit it, you will suddenly see a stream of reviews which you had failed to chance upon earlier – Murphy’s Law I guess!) or you just chance upon a a restaurant and decide to try it. 849 more words

Alaskan Spider Crab Legs

Easy and Impressive!
Did that get your attention?

This has got to be the most brainless dish that can add some WOW factor on the dinner table. 144 more words


Hermit Crab Money Saving Tips

Hello everyone. This is hopefully the first post in a line of “pet money saving tips”. Before I begin I’d like to explain that there are certain things you should spend a certain amount of money on and other things that I personally think you don’t necessarily need to. 464 more words

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