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It’s those some times

When in the quintessential hush

You whisper

From a broken raspy throat

Crackling through the silence

As though parched and raked over… 241 more words

Pork Shoulder w/Crispy Crackling

If you like pork, like me, you know you must have a piece of that skin, and you want it to be very crispy. And have you wonder how to get that delicious crispy skin? 207 more words


Slow cooked pork shoulder with perfect crunchy crackling

As a child growing up in England a Sunday roast was one of my favourite rituals. Typically my aunt would host – much to my relief as my mum was a very average cook (sorry mum). 651 more words


Pulled Pork, Sweet Apple Sauce and Crackling.

Pulled pork is one of those mouth watering treats you never quite getting around to make, well I don’t anyway! Until today, well technically yesterday as my  pork was slowly cooking away for ten hours. 360 more words


Roasted Pig Meat - BBQ style ribs and crispy crackling edition

I have been noticeably MIA from my blog and this entry is long overdue. A couple of weeks back, while visiting my parents, my mom and I had the opportunity to cook together, something that happens far too infrequently. 516 more words

Roasted Rolled Pork Shoulder

I enjoy having a roast on over the weekend, it feeds us well and gives me cold meat for sandwiches during the week and the house smells like a home! 601 more words

Gluten Free

Bavarian Bier Cafe, Chatswood

Pork crackling is a food that I adore, but I do hesitate before ordering it because too often, to get the amazing crunchy crackling, you have to put up with overly fatty or chewy pork belly. 297 more words