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**Photo credit: Myrna Jacobs

‘Make me a promise,’ I said,
‘that from the first kiss
you will orchestrate my limbs into something moving.
Bend me a bow over each string… 112 more words


Why before?

**Photo credit: Intao

Before I could remember,

there were marks on the moon from my ancestors

walking up the sides of sky,

throwing rocks at whatever ‘why’ brought them here… 99 more words



**Photo credit: Zewar Fadhil

Be as silent as a mouth that’s lost its part

removing itself from all that is scene

There is a blank field somewhere to rub your feet against, 84 more words


A Navigation of Dreams

**Photo credit: Intao

At the top of sleep,
I climb the highest dream
where a lighthouse eyes over me
Everything in oils as I sink in the brown browns… 137 more words


We have swings ...

**Photo credit: Hamish Frost

We have swings, Love,

somehow seated with remembrance

Pushed by a cloud or two from the wayside,

so we can’t see that the sun never came for us… 69 more words



**Photo credit: niavaah

In the beginning was the word
Birthed from emotion that did not know its name
I revealed it to her and she said, 101 more words


Skipping Atoms

We are the beautiful
Consciousness and form colliding
There is nothing we cannot know
Still, we hide in our vined thinking
where the wild weeds grow, 53 more words